Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 27

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sorry it's been a while since i last uploaded but I'm gonna upload a new chapter for both stories gonna try and make them long chapters so enjoy, also I have started reading this really great book called needle in a haystack it's a murder mystery if anyone is interested in those kind of stories :) x


We had been playing and chasing each other for hours but it felt like barely minutes I forgot just how fun it was to just be with him, but he still has some explaining to do, I'll ask him about it later I don't want to ruin the moment.

At the moment we're having a competition to see who can catch a rabbit first, I haven't seen him for a while so I'm guessing that he decided to look in another part of the wood, I personally decided to hide near a rabbit hole they gotta live somewhere right.

Just then a little grey head poked out of the rabbit hole, it sniffed around the air cautiously before taking a small step out it looked my way while i tried to camouflage myself against the bushes, it looked away obviously not seeming to notice me.

I took this as my chance to attack, I got into attack stance preparing to pounce, leaping forward I caught it by the neck and locked my jaw into place so it couldn't escape.

It's blood dripped fro my mouth as I held my meal proudly in victory, I needed to show Rick what I caught so I linked us telepathically 'I win I caught a rabbit' I said to him smugly, there was no reply so I tried again 'Rick didn't you hear me I said I win I caught a rabbit' I waited a while and still no reply, I began to panic so ran in a random direction in the hope of finding him.

My wolf howled in sadness, ti couldn't find it's mate a part of me died when he wasn't there, suddenly I felt really stupid I'm a wolf for crying out loud I should be able to sniff him out or I could let the wolf take control she should be able to find her mate in no time.

I went with the second option seen as it was easiest, 'right girl it's your turn' I said to myself and I'm sure I felt my wolf smile as I felt myself loosing control to my actions 'sit back and enjoy the ride' she said I could still feel that damn smile as she spoke.

Oh god I hope your okay Rick I'm coming for you, she ran into a part of the wood I didn't recognised then I realised, this was the place Rick said never to go because it was dangerous, suddenly I was scared but my wolf seemed unaffected I sensed an air of confidence around her as she stood up tall and sniffed the air.

She seemed to pick something up as she growled and raced toward a cluster of vined and branches, she bit a few and ripped them from her path leaving an opening just big enough for her to fit through.

I heard voices that seemed to echo as if they were in a hall 'don't let the girl escape she's important' said one guy 'what about wolf boy over here' said another guy 'i dunno kill him or something he knows to much' as soon as that was said it brought my wolf into action.

She jumped from her hiding spot and ripped the head clean off the first guy, the second one turned his head to meet my eyes when he heard the horrific crack of the other guys skull being crushed beneath my wolves paw.

I saw Rick he looked practically dead in the corner, it pained me to see him like this but it just seemed to make the wolf angrier, she bared her fantastic teeth growling at the fiend which just made him chuckle showing two fangs.

"do you really think that scares me doggy because if you do then your mistaken by the way I met your friend the other day, Dan I think he was called he raked of dog so I turned him", he said laughing madly.

So he was the one that did that to Dan, that was the final straw she lunged forward but he dodged the attack "is that the best you can do because if it is I'm disappointed, I'll tell you what if you manage to get me once I'll give you a bone", he was still laughing as he said this.

That's right tease the wolf that's already pissed off at you, she luged again and he grabbed one of my paws throwing me into a wall, I yelped in pain as I felt blood pouring from my head and my whole leg hurt.

I limped toward him feeling dizzy, he continued to laugh at me, seriously I think his guy has mental issues, I heard a stone falling from behind him which got his attention so I managed to catch him off guard, diving forward I bit down into his neck sinking my teeth further in until I heard him scream in agony, then I twisted it snapping his neck.

"How do you like it", I said in his ear as I shifted back, my wolf was weak so I needed to let it rest, I made my way toward Rick then fainted, I was so tired.

I woke up so cold, I was laying on the stone cave floor, I looked to the side and saw Rick's sleeping wolf I covered myself in attempt to keep warm and search around my head was pounding, I lifted my hand up to it and felt dried blood, my wrist had a blue bruise around it.

I remembered what happened last night and smiled when I thought about killing the vampires, then I remembered them talking about a girl, I gasped and searched the cave for her but couldn't find any one, I sighed in frustration and went back toward Rick but when I got their I saw a brown haired girl leaning over him she seemed to be crying and saying 'thank you' repeatedly to him.

I cleared my throat which caught her attention, her head whipped in my direction and her eyes grew in shock, she stood and turned to run "no wait", I called after her "I'm not gonna hurt you, I killed those guys your safe now", she turned back towards me looking confused before she ran toward me and hugged me which almost made me fall to the ground "thank you, and I'm sorry you got hurt while helping me", she said apologetically.

I smiled back at her, she was quite pretty, her long brown hair was in soft curls that framed her face and she had chocolate brown eyes that lit up when she smiled, her small button nose gave her an innocent look and her tall frame made her look proud and confident, she seemed like the kind of person that didn't let much effect her which made me upset because people like that have usually been through a lot.

A light illuminous glow radiated from her, she must be the girl people keep talking about, a slight groan coming from Rick brought me back to reality I rushed to his side immediately "are you okay?", I asked worry laced in every word, his wolf had shifted back to him obviously needing time to heal he turned to face me and smiled.

My face lit up as I hugged him, I turned to face the girl who smiled at me "so what's your name?", I asked, she shook her head at me as if to say you don't need to know, I rolled my eyes and went back into Rick's arms, I don't want this moment to end.


So what do you think, and just so you know the story is almost over but there will be a sequel, also what do you think Eve's wolf should be called? x

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