Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 14

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I was forced down as my back bent to a new shape my bones rearranging themselves, a snout formed at the end of my face with a black nose.

My clothes began to rip from my growing body, after 5 minutes of agonizing pain it finished then the world around me went black.

I woke up laid on the ground "what happened last night", I murmured to myself I looked around and saw I was in the hall close to the front door.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to get up bu as usual Rick had his arm around me we were in a huddle on the floor.

Someone knocked at the door and came in, I felt the cold air hit my bare skin, wait bare I looked down and noticed I was naked and so was Rick this so did not look good to anybody who saw it.

I tried my best to cover myself up but I could barely move my arms in his death grip I looked up to meet the wide eyes of Cindy.

"Ermm.. well.. I.. errrrm... Bye", She said walking out the door, great thanks allot Rick it's all your fault, as I was thinking about this I felt Rick stirring.

I turned to look at him he looked at me confused then his eyes widened, he shot up so fast he almost fell then mumbled something inaudible before rushing off upstairs.

What the hell just happened?? I went upstairs to put on some clothes seen as for some reason I don't seem to have any on.

I came back downstairs after putting on some clothes and got some breakfast, halfway through I suddenly remembered what happened.

I'M A WEREWOLF, how did this happen Rick you're gonna die I promise you that, whatever the hell you did you're gonna regret it.

I stormed into the room turning off the TV "what the hell did you do to me", I screamed he looked at me as if he didn't know what I was talking about.

"What are you talking about", he replied as if he were confused "don't play dumb with me you know what you did you turned me into a freaking werewolf".

He looked at me looking deep in thought when he replied "There is something in my world known as true mates".

He looked at me asking if he should continue I nodded "well what it basically means is if you are true mates after your first kiss then the human mate becomes werewolf too..".

He checked to see if I was following so again I nodded "then when they become werewolves on the second shift if they change together they become aware of what they are doing as a wolf the change is completely painless and you can change when you feel, but you will still change every night but it would wear off within an hour unless you want to stay that way".

I looked at him completely dumbstruck, before another question popped into my head "what did Rick say to you?", he stared at me before shaking his head "none of your business now please turn the TV back on", I growled at him before reluctantly agreeing.

He smiled at me while I stormed out the room in annoyance, night came quicker than I expected, Rick came into my room and stood at one side while I stood at the other.

I could feel my wolf coming but I didn't feel any pain it only took a minute and I stood there on all four paws looking around the room.

I found the familiar black wolf and smiled, if it was even possible for a wolf to smile, my new adventure starts tonight.


I know this chapter isn't that good but I wasn't to sure what to write but I hoped you liked it


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