Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 23

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Okay some body asked if I could do Ricks POV and Zach's POV so that will be in this chapter as well as the usual Evangelee POV, also I have noticed that Dan hasn't been in the story for a while so I'm bringing him back in with a little surprise as well, it could be a good or a bad one I'll let you be the judge of that, so I'll shut up now so you can read the story



Ricks POV

Om my god what have I done, not again, stupid wolf why do you do this to me I never wanted to do that to her, my god the look on her face tore my heart, but the wolf was upset and wanted my revenge so what does it do, cheats on her with a stranger I barely know and controls my actions.

How could it control me like that, I forgot to tell Eve that if the wolf is upset once you become true mates, it can control your actions whenever it feels it necessary, god she probably hates me.

I didn't mean for it to happen I never waned it to happen, I was happy with just ignoring her for a while until I felt better.

The wolf may be sweet when it's happy but when it's mad I can only imagine the things it chooses to do, I'm not to happy that the wolf is beginning to control me at night either because it is so nice to her making me look worse.

I swear down if it does anything to hurt her or make her hate me more I will kill it. I'm not sure how yet but I will.

The clock struck 5 signaling it was time to shift I sighed and let the wolf take over all I can do now is sit back and watch as it does whatever for the first hour.

The wolf howled in glee that it was free again and I heard a howl in return, I would have smiled if I had any control, that meant Eve was out to and she was happy, it upsets me she is happy with the wolf rather than me though.

If I try to explain it was the wolf doing that she wouldn't believe me, heck I'm having a hard time believing myself.

As I was arguing with myself on how believable I was the wolf padded upstairs toward her room, I heard murmuring and I guess he heard it to as he scratched at the door to get in.

We heard a thaint thump as a reply then the lock broke, out came Evangelee looking as beautiful as ever, I smiled at her and so did my wolf, she smiled as well obviously thinking about something.

My wolf took a step toward her licking her face, smooth wolf really smooth, make her like you more so if I said it was you controlling me then it will be less believable.

He ran forward with her following close behind smiling, her and her wolf obviously happy to be free, or happy that my wolf is here instead of me, why can't you see he is the bad guy not me, I love you Eve, their I said it, the three words I didn't dare think were possibly true, but they are, well to me any way I probably crushed her last dream of it being true.

I sighed again as we raced through the woods, I heard a distant scream and my ears pricked up it seems she heard it to as she rushed toward the direction it came from, what the hell happened?

Zachs POV

She really was beautiful and I wasn't just saying that, I don't understand why she hates her name it is beautiful just like her, she may want me to call her Eve but Evangelee suits her more, it sounds more fantasy like making it that much better.

Her best feature was definately her eyes, they lit up when she smiled such a beautiful blue, though when she was upset they seemed to look green. My heart wrenched at the thought of her being upset, I didn't love her it was to early for that, but I think she is the one.

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