Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 8

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So I decided to upload a little earlier then I thought I would because I found some spare time anyway I have no Idea what to write but I hope what I come up with is good enjoy



He came up to my room when I was preparing to sleep he still had an hour before changing "hey", he said to me smiling "hi what are you doing in here you've got to get ready", I replied it sounded kinda rude but I wanted to know.

"I just thought I could help you think of reasons to move in with me for when your mum comes", he replied I don't think he noticed how rude what I said sounded but I was grateful for it "ermm OK why don't we write a list and choose the best reasons", he smiled at this and nodded after half an hour all we came up with was: Running off to join the circus, Going to pursuit my life dream of becoming a chef for monkeys, I can't handle the pressures of being a girl so wanted to get a sex change and move to Arizona, and I was kidnapped by a pack of angry geese who wanted no less then 10,000 green elephants for my freedom.

To be honest none of the things on the list sounded appealing to me and half of them did not sound believable.

I sighed in frustration before checking the time I noticed he only had 10 minutes until transformation, it appeared he noticed this too as he stood up to leave.

He waved a slight goodbye to me before heading out the door towards where ever he goes to change.

I took a shower then changed into some night clothes before going into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up the next morning and the sun was not yet up, it was only 4:30, I looked to my left to see a sleeping wolf.

I guess it found me last night, I sat at the window watching the sun rise, when I heard Rick stirring, I turned to face him and the wolf began turning back to him.

He finally opened his eyes and noticed where he was laying, before turning to me with a smirk on his face "good morning did we have a good time last night?", I could tell what he was thinking the sick pervert.

I glared at him before replying "I was asleep the whole night you were the one who came in here last night and laid on my bed, oh and just so you know you didn't put a quilt on last night and I can tell little rick is excited".

He looked down and sure enough Rick.Jr had come out to play, his cheeks shone a bright red before he grabbed my quilt and wrapped it round his waist then left.

I couldn't help but laugh at him after that, the rest of the week was pretty much uneventful, I saw the wolf every night and teased Rick about it every day we also came up with a few more believable excuses before narrowing it down to what we thought was the best.

I wanted to leave them because i didn't like this village anymore, it was too dangerous and I'd already made a living arrangement.

It seemed believable enough at the moment, my mum would collect me today and I'd have only that day to spend with her before I leave for good.

It would be too dangerous to stay, I could visit time to time but never at night, for their own safety. I could also never let Rick find where I live because if I did the wolf would know by looking in his memories.

I heard the click of the front door unlock and went towards it, I just hope she'll understand.


I know it's not that long but it's all I've got I hope you think it's good.


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