01 Maturing

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Underneath the dim lights in the dorm hallway, Jane tried to concentrate intensely on finishing the paper for her college biology class. She had completely neglected to do it, putting it off all week and was now having to pull an all-nighter to get it done. It wouldn't be too difficult for her to do if it wasn't for her inconsiderate roommate Cassandra.

Cassie was usually a decent roommate, but like most people Cassie really had no idea that Jane even existed and ignored her most of the time. She wasn't the best roommate but of the options, Jane knew she could do worse. At least, Cassie wasn't a constant, temperamental wreck like most nineteen-year-old girls and she kept the room fairly clean and drug-free. Those were definitely two things Jane considered as deal breaking qualities, and since Cassie could abide by those, Jane could deal with the other attributes of her roommate.

Like the fact that, Cassie was always stealing her clothes and letting a multitude of strangers into their room and more often than not Cassie returned home high as a kite, but Jane could live with that. Even now, Jane was forced out of her own room jamming her headphones in to drown out the noise of Cassie getting her brains screwed out by a guy she knew was infamous for dealing weed to Freshman- but hey, what's a college roommate without a scarf over the door handle?

Well fortunately for Cassie, she'd never had to be kicked out of the room before because Jane was still as pure as the driven snow. Not so much by choice, but simply because no guy knows that she even existed, and to some degree she was okay with that. She knew that her invisibility wasn't going to last forever. Because soon enough Jane wasn't going to have to worry about not being noticeable anymore because in a few days her wolf was going to hit the age of female maturity and she was going to find her mate. Then no longer would she have to worry about no one noticing her, because someone finally would.

Okay, so maybe she wasn't a hundred percent sure that her wolf was going to mature this soon, but she had a good feeling about it. Ever since she was fourteen she'd been crossing her fingers begging for maturity to hit her wolf so that she could find her mate. But still at nineteen she'd yet to have that miraculous change overtake her body. Sure she could shift, her wolf was actually very cute maybe a little on the short side but cute nonetheless. But she wasn't in tune with her wolf, meaning that her wolf still acted like a pup and wasn't ready to mate yet.

A female could mature anywhere from the age of fourteen to thirty, so there were plenty of other girls like her. But realistically most females matured at fifteen or sixteen so she wasn't as up to speed as everyone else, but she never spent excessive time worrying over it. She was more frustrated about the delay than anything else.

Sidetracked, she shook off her day dreaming thoughts and continued to discuss the importance of the awareness of Ocean Acidification in her essay. She wasn't sure why exactly she'd picked mostly science and math classes, she didn't have any particular goal or job in mind but that's because she hadn't found anything she'd been passionate about. Until that day she'd just stick to the classes she chose, although why she chose to do biology was beyond her, she wasn't good at biology. Not by a long shot.

As she wrapped up the final conclusion statement, she felt her tensed figure slump in relief and exhaustion and all she wanted to do was jump into her warm bed and fall asleep. Of course, she couldn't just yet though, because her roommate and her guest had fallen very quiet and the door was still locked.

Shuffling to her feet, Jane lightly knocked on the door as she pulled out her headphones and hissed, "Cassie? Could you open the door now please?"

To her annoyance the familiar sound that greeted her was one she was hoping she wouldn't hear. The droning noise of Cassie snoring like an ogre as she slept like a rock. Another thing that Jane could only barely tolerate about her roommate was the fact that she felt like she was sleeping with the dead every night. Although at the loud rate that Cassie snored there was no doubt that she was dead – if anything she was more of a truck.

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