Chapter Eleven

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Once Lena ushered us all into the dinning hall, my father had seemed to snap out of his trance and he preferred to ignore the conversation, not wanting to speak about it further which I happily went along with.

My mom and Ava took more enjoyment when they began speaking about pups at the dinner table, they had always made it known that they were looking forward to being grandparents.

I thought my dad's eyes were going to fall out of his eye sockets when they started to bring up the conversation. He in turn stared intently at them both, then slowly moved his attention to me. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Shall we?"

Pierce chuckled quietly next to Maverick, his shoulders moving up and down as I grinned at my father, nodding at his words which seemed to settle his wolf, his demeanour more relaxed.

Savannah was situated next to my mom in her Moses basket on a chair, laying asleep besides a teddy bear that Maverick and I had brought for her, her soft breathing sounded throughout the room as we all ate quietly, enjoying the dinner that Lena had made.

She was fast asleep, and I watched as my mom tucked her blanket in better, surrounding her tightly in warmth, stroking her cheek gently when Savannah mumbled lowly.

Shockingly, Savannah remained asleep throughout the intense situation earlier, I knew my father held in much more than he would have usually since Savannah was present.

My mom was the first to break the silence, looking up from her plate to stare at Maverick, a question clearly lingering within her eyes. "I forgot to ask you Maverick. Have the results of Savannah's mom death come through from George?"

Maverick acknowledged her question with a nod, quickly chewing his food, only speaking once he had swallowed. "Yes, I spoke to George yesterday morning. He confirmed that he has ruled her death as a suicide. From what he found on her body; it was self-inflicted wounds."

Maverick had made his suspicion known when Savannah was in the pack infirmary the day that we had found her in our territory.

He suspected the wounds along her wrists were linked to suicide.

My mom sighed sadly at Maverick's words, a sadness draining her features as she stared down at Savannah and back at her mate.

My father's face was blank, not willing to show any emotion, and instead moved his hand to rest on my mother's thigh providing her with some form of comfort.

My dad pinched his lips together then looked to Maverick. "I'm still concerned at how indifferent and disinterested Roman was at the news of losing two of his pack wolves."

Both Maverick and Pierce nodded, they had been discussing this the other day in the office but were interrupted when Mason, one of Maverick's Beta informed Maverick of a problem between two pack wolves which he needed to solve. Forcing their meeting to end.

"There's no obvious reason as to why he would be so unresponsive to the situation," Pierce began. "From what I found managed to find out about Savannah, she was a regular ranking wolf and was a mate to a pack warrior."

"You know, when I first told him about Savannah's death along with having a new born on our territory, he didn't express much and when I asked him about what he wanted to do with her body, he almost forced the idea of burying her on our land onto me. I agreed with the idea since it would allow baby Savannah to have a grave to visit, but when I think back to it, its almost like he wanted neither of them to existed as his pack members, as if he has something to hide."

All our eyes looked to Maverick, who continued to start to shake his head, unable to decipher what was truly going on.

"But what would he have to hide, Savannah was twenty-year-old women, a regular wolf amongst her pack." Ava said, turning toward Pierce.

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