Chapter Nine

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It was the day after mine and Maverick's first kiss, and I was stuck in school waiting for the bell to ring so I could head off home for the weekend.

My concentration barely wavered from the clock on the wall, I was hoping if I continuously stared at it, the time would magically speed up, yet it seemed to have the opposite effect. Every minute that ticked by felt like an hour.

Maverick had promised to pick me up from school. He was going to take me on a date later tonight and had reserved a table at a new restaurant that had just opened in town. It was owned by two wolves in our pack.

Thankfully, the bell rang, and I walked out the classroom with Kyra and Ali by my side.

I quickly grabbed all the books I needed from my locker for the weekend since it was my final semester as a twelfth grader, and I had a lot of studying to do.

We walked out of the school building together, I had already told the girls about last night and they were all happy for me. Maverick and I were the Alpha's after all, and everyone knew that an Alpha couple being marked and mated made a stronger pack.

Maverick was already outside in the parking lot, his black escalade parked besides Karson's vehicle who was waiting for Kyra and Ali.

"I'll call you later to get all the gossip." Kyra whispered with a wink. I could only shake my head with a grin as I waved them both goodbye.

I jumped up into Maverick's car and he smiled at me as I got in, leaning in to kiss me. Ever since last night he kept stealing kisses from me whenever he possibly could.

"How was school?" He asked as he leaned back getting comfortable. His hands sitting relaxed on the steering wheel as he turned on the engine and headed out the parking lot.

I turned to look at him, my body at an angle staring at him while he was driving. "It was school, how do you think it was?" I laughed, my voice slightly sarcastic causing him to smirk, he even nodded appreciating my answer.

"Fair play." He chuckles, his head turning to look at mine as we stopped at some traffic lights, the light flashing red.

I noticed that he was in casual clothing, observing his attire as he wore grey jogging bottoms and a tight-fitted long sleeve grey t-shirt.

My attraction for him had intensified since our first kiss.

My wolf had been calling to his all day, she wanted to be marked and her feelings were becoming mine. I had been thinking more about it and it was playing on my mind.

Maverick was always going to be my mate, so what was I waiting for.

Even at lunchtime the girls and I were discussing the same thing, they suggested that I should just go for it, what reason did we have to wait.

Kyra also pointed out that it would be a good idea to be claimed before Alpha Derrick arrived which was a valid point. It would make it clear that his daughter was not Maverick's mate.

The only problem was heat, and it wasn't something I was looking forward too. It occurs a day or so after you had been marked, and it makes the claimed female wolf vulnerable and only her mate's touch could give her comfort. It was a painful experience and the Moon Goddess created it to make sure that werewolf generations continues.

Maverick's laugh caused me to break away from my thoughts to look at him. His head was turned slightly since he was concentrating on the road and I gave him a questionable look which he caught.

"You're doing that staring thing you always do." He smirked causing me to roll my eyes, moving my body to face the front ignoring his teasing.

He scoffed amused, then leaned over, his hand resting on top of my thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze.

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