Chapter One

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"Blair!" My mom's voice sounded through the living room, her voice echoing from the kitchen as she shouted my name.

I groaned and rolled off of the couch, removing myself from the comfortable position I had secured for the past five hours, binge watching Netflix.

Throwing my chips on the side, I walked through the hall towards my mom Kennedy. I wasn't expecting to find my mom so frantic and frenzied as she rushed around the kitchen like a mad person, yanking the cupboards open as she searched for something.

I frowned as I stood by the counter, my body stretching as I leaned over, intrigued on what she was doing, my eyes searching for answers as she muttered to herself before turning to me with a pout on her face.

I continued to look at her questionably until I noticed her t-shirt was covered in flour and what looked like sticky cookie dough. My eyes then drifted to the kitchen side, now observing all the essentials for making cookies scattered aimlessly on the side.

"Help me." She whined, the pout still sporting on her features as she sent me a pleading look making me laugh.

I smiled amused, walking around the kitchen counter as I approached my mom. Now in view of Lena's burnt smelling cookies which happened to be splattered across the floor next to the oven which was cooking some undesirable and mis-shaped cookies.

A look of guilt appeared on her face as she looked down at the uneatable snack. "Lena is going to kill me, she told me to take them out an hour ago."

Her pout continued to get bigger as she stared down at the floor. "I had completely forgotten about them and when I remembered, I was in such as rush to get them out that I dropped them."

"Lena is definitely going to kill you." I confirmed, teasing her as she sent me a blank and unimpressed look making me laugh once again.

Lena was my father's adoptive mother and our kitchen was her kitchen, she was always in here baking and she made the most delicious cookies.

"Why Lena trusted you in the kitchen, I don't know." I said bemused. "Anyway mom, you need to hide the evidence before you attempt to make another batch and pretend that they're Lena's." I said, in a huh tone making her roll her eyes as she began to bend down to throw them away. "And no offence, but you would never get away with imitating Lena's cookies."

"Hey," She moaned as she looked up but shrugged her shoulders knowing my statement was true making me chuckle. I bent down, helping her throw them away.

Around five minutes later, we had cleaned up all the mess, brushing the crumbs away and throwing the burnt cookies into the bin.

My mom had already begun throwing the cooking essentials into the dish washer, throwing the wooden spoons and spatula in there before suddenly slamming the door closed.

I scowled at her abrupt action, the sound loud and abrasive. She constantly lectured me when I was too heavy handed with expensive items and here she was, doing the same.

I turned to watch as she leaned forward towards the counter, her hands gripping oven gloves as she quickly threw them at me and in instinct I caught them.

Unknowingly grabbing them as Lena unexpectedly appeared in the door way, her voice capturing my attention as she pointed an accusing finger at me. "Hey, you're going to burn my cookies!"

My eyebrows furrow and my mouth agape as I watch Lena rush over, taking the oven gloves from me and opening the oven, only for her to close the door and put her hands on her hips, the gloves still in her hands making me purse my lips at the sight.

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