Chapter Six

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The sound of the bedroom door flinging open early the next morning had forced both Maverick and I up. Startled by the abrupt awakening Maverick immediately growled menacingly at the figure stood at our bedroom door, his eyes glowing at the intruder as his wolf lurked at the surface.

I sat up, my hands instantly reaching up to rub my eyes before looking in the direction of the door to find Easton standing there, looking slightly sheepish while grinning.

Maverick was clearly unimpressed with his Third in Command as he continued to growl, his body sitting up as he waited for Easton to explain why he so rudely woke us up. Easton only grimaced at his Alpha, a light-hearted laugh leaving his lips.

"What do you want Easton?" Maverick grumbled, his words harsh.

"You're late, you were supposed to be doing that dictating stuff since you're officially the Alpha now." Easton replied in a duh tone.

"Dictating?" I repeated, amused at the word he had used to describe Alpha commands.

Not that Alphas didn't occasionally dictate, but being an Alpha meant that you had to make important and sometimes difficult decisions where you had to use your authority.

Maverick had mentioned last night that he was supposed to be sorting out some pack business with Easton relating to border patrols but he must have over slept.

Easton suddenly realised that I was there, his eyes immediately lighting up as he rushed over. But as quick as Easton rushed over was as quick as he was gone.

One moment he was jumping on the bed, his arms reaching for me and the next he was being dragged out by the collar of his shirt by Maverick.

"Get off of my mate." Maverick growled possessively, his grip on Easton tight as he pulled him out of our bedroom.

I couldn't help but laugh when Easton continued to grin, his smile never wavering despite the fact his Alpha had brutally pulled him off of the bed.

I shook my head, amused at the pair, listening to them argue outside the bedroom as Easton denied that he had any interest in me other than me being his Luna.

"I don't know if you've noticed Maverick, but I'm gay. As in G-A-Y. As in I like men, not boys, men."

I laughed, Easton had never hidden the fact that he was gay, he wasn't shy nor bothered. He was open about it, not that you couldn't tell since it was highly obvious.

"I can't deny that Blair is very attractive but unfortunately she doesn't have the correct body part for me. I like sausages." Eason teased, his tone playful as Maverick lowly growled at him making me laugh further.

I could practically see Maverick rolling his eyes as he ordered Easton to go home. Easton and I used to always tease him, he was easily annoyed and would react in the funniest way. Eason was the main culprit, he had been that way since we were children.

I heard Easton scream a goodbye as he raced down the stairs and out of the house after Maverick promised to meet him at the pack house in the next half hour.

Less than a minute later, Maverick strolled back in, shaking his head while smiling. He started to walk towards me when I noticed that he was only in a pair of boxers that laid impeccably low on his hips, his muscled body on full display.

I couldn't help but be blatant, unashamedly staring at my mate's figure. He noticed as his eyes twinkled confidently, but he kept his lips tight, not making any comment as he simply gave me a knowing smile.

"I've got a few things I need to sort out with Easton about the new patrol schedule. There has been more rouge attacks in the surrounding territories." He informed, walking into the wardrobe to grab some clothes.

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