Chapter Ten

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My heat was finally starting to diminish, the excoriating pain that ran through my entire body was loosening, my muscles and body aches beginning to unwind.

As the days passed the pain started to reduce, my temperate at a normal degree as the warm, cold sweats slowly disappeared yet the burning sensations within my stomach remained.

Maverick stayed by my side throughout, only his touch could relieve the horrendous symptoms of heat.

The morning after we had first mated, we spoke about birth control. I was nervous at first to bring it up, unsure on how he would react since it was not uncommon for werewolves to want to birth pups straight away.

I found myself slightly taken back when he agreed, he had only just taken on his Alpha role, but he wanted to situate himself properly before we tried to get pregnant.

His wolf on the other hand, had a completely different opinion. He made his presence known when Maverick's demeanour suddenly changed, his eyes overtaken with darkness. Maverick was silent while he forced his wolf down for control, his eyes swirling back and forth dangerously as he battled internally for dominance.

It took around a minute for him to gain power back, he had closed his eyes while I ran my fingertips gently up and down his arm, attempting to help calm him.

Once he was back, Maverick explained that whether it happens weeks from now, years from now, planned or not, he will be ecstatic regardless of the circumstances.

That morning, he had called George our pack doctor over and he had brought with him a prescription of pills for me to take once every morning. He had awkwardly asked me a few questions on whether Maverick and I were careful the night before.

I blushed a bright pink at his question but nodded, we had been conscious about our actions and there was absolutely no possibility that I could be pregnant.

George had gone into a little more detail about the pill and how it worked, how often it needed to be taken and then he left. I had never needed the pill before since Maverick wasn't around and it wasn't necessary for me to take.

When I woke up, I moved my hand up, my palm rubbing the corners of my eyes as I yawned. A stream of light was beaming through a small gap in the curtains. I shifted myself to sit up, my hands feeling around to grab Maverick who laid fast asleep, his chest rising and falling in an exact rhythm.

I swallowed hard, resisting the urge to scrape my nails lightly down his back, my wolf begging in the back of my mind to wake our mate up.

I pushed her back, forcing myself to stop thinking, my body was still aching and sore from last night.

I slowly crawled out of bed, slipping on a t-shirt and shorts that were sprawled across the floor. I was immediately overwhelmed with Mavericks intoxicating scent as I scurried into the bathroom, pushing the door shut behind me, the sound of a click following.

I walked further into the bathroom, my hand reaching up into the cupboard to grab my toothbrush and toothpaste.

After brushing my teeth thoroughly, I decided to go downstairs to grab a bottle of water before showering, my mouth desperate for a drink. I threw my hair up into a high ponytail, hanging loosely at the back of my neck, my hair tie unable to loop round more than twice.

I quietly unlocked the door, mindful that Maverick was in a deep sleep, one I didn't want to disturb since we had stayed up extremely late.

Maverick was still sprawled across the bed when I tiptoed out of the bathroom. The covers draping the bottom of his legs, while one of his arms was secured underneath his pillow.

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