Chapter Twelve

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It didn't take long to arrive at my destination; Quinn's house.

Once there I immediately walked over to the front door, my hands folding into a fist as I knocked on the door loudly. She was always back and forth between living at her fathers and in the pack house with Trent.

Trent confirmed that Quinn was at home since she had been acting strangely with him to. He was clearly worried about his mate; she had been avoiding him and blocking him out of her mind for the past two days.

I had only been able to speak to him for a few moments since he was on duty and was currently teaching newly shifted trackers how to utilise all their senses.

I promised to speak to her and would update him as soon as I found her.

I continued to knock but there was no answer. I couldn't hear movement within in the house and I even peeked through the window but nothing. I decided to move towards the back of the house.

I knew that there was a lake situated behind their house, it was the same lake that Maverick and I used to play in as kids, but our spot was on the opposite side.

Rounding the house, I searched the back yard to find Quinn sitting on the deck. She hadn't noticed me and was staring far into the distance.

I quietly said her name as I approached, not wanting to startle her since she was clearly deep in thought. Her legs were hanging off the side, swishing her legs back and forth in the water below, the water swirling at the movement.

She looked up at the sound of her name, her eyes finding mine as I stood above her. She gave me a small smile and turned back to face the water. "I'm sorry about how I spoke to you earlier." She whispered softly. "I should never have spoken to you like that."

I moved to kick my shoes off, pulling my socks off with them. Deciding to sit beside her, my leg slightly brushing hers as I sat down, dunking my feet into the warm water. "It's okay." I stated.

Quinn nodded slightly and sighed deeply.

"You know you can talk to me, right? About anything." I began, my hand slipping over to hers as she began to fiddle with her thumbs anxiously. "There is clearly something on your mind and if you would like someone to talk to that isn't your mate, I'm here."

Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes, her legs shaking up and down before she gripped my hand tightly in hers. "I've had a miscarriage." She whispered lowly; her voice strained.

My heart pulled at her words suddenly understanding her behaviour. I held onto her hand, my thumb lightly stoking across the top of her hand. "I'm so sorry Quinn."

Quinn only nodded, her lip quivering as tears ran down her pink face. "It's my second one this year." She voiced lowly. "Trent was so excited the last time and when we miscarried, it devastated him and now it's happening again. I didn't tell him of the pregnancy as I was frightened it would get his hopes up, and now I don't know what to do."

"What if I can't have children? This is the second time and it's pretty much impossible for werewolves to miscarry let alone have two in one year." Quinn was sobbing by the end and I could only pull her into a hug.

Holding onto her tightly as she cried, her weight fully on me as she wept.

"Oh Quinn," I sighed, rubbing my hands gently up and down her back. I didn't know how I could comfort her since I had never been in that situation.

Being mated was new to me while she had been with Trent for two years. "You should have told me, and not bottled it all in on your own."

She sat up slightly, pulling back to rub her sore bloodshot eyes. Her hand reaching down to tuck her hands into the cuffs of her jumper. Wrapping her arms around her, to comfort herself.

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