Chapter Seven

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The air was filled with heavy tension. Mavericks stern grip on my hips never faltered, he was holding me securely in place. I was reeling in anger and had no words; it was seconds later when I began to struggle with him, no longer wanting to be in his embrace.

"Let go of me Maverick." I growled heatedly, unhappy and feeling disrespected by his behaviour.

His grip continued to tighten refusing to let me move a muscle. "I knew you would react this way."

My face scrunched up as I gave him a harsh glare, my words coming out sarcastic. "How do you expect me to react? Why are you inviting an Alpha into our territory if he has made it clear that he thinks you're his daughter's true mate?"

I could feel my wolf lurking at the surface, wanting to come out. Neither one of us understood our mate's intentions.

"It's tactical. It might not make sense to you, but it is the best thing for the pack. A treaty between both our packs needs to be done. Since we will be on our territory, it will be easily explained that you are my true mate."

"How is it a tactical move and why didn't you explain that his daughter was not your mate while you were in his territory?" His reasons made no logical sense to me. I couldn't understand what benefit we would get from having an alliance with the Vermont Wolf Pack.

"We have always had a mutual agreement with his pack and our packs have history, one that I cannot just throw away." He explained, his eyes focusing on mine as he spoke.

"It was confirmed while I was there that my mate was back home, but he didn't want to believe it since my neck bares no mark. You know that our wolves must be kept a secret, I couldn't share with him that we are different."

His grip loosened and I took the opportunity to move out of his grasp, forcing space between us. He could have pulled me back, but he allowed me to move away.

"Did something happen whilst you were away, while you were on his territory with his daughter Sienna, is that why Derrick is so adamant that your mates?" I questioned my mind overcrowded with thoughts, my wolfs emotions overwhelming mine.

It was pure jealousy, bitterness and concern that was fuelling my feelings. It seemed to be a argument that was constantly being brought up.

Maverick abruptly stood up, the move caused me to take a few steps back. A provoked growl crawled deep from within his chest and vibrated through the air.  His pitch-black orbs stared heatedly into mine as my own wolf took control.

His voice sounded tight while the muscles in his jaw contracted together. "You continuously undermine my feelings for you Blair. I have never touched nor kissed anyone especially not Sienna Vermont."

Silence continued to fill the room. With Maverick moving away from me, moving around the other side of the couch. "How are we ever going to be mates if you continuously disbelieve everything I say."

His words were no longer angry but hurt, his wolf was pushing mine away as she attempted to reach for him, but he wasn't having any of it.

"Maverick, you can't tell me things like that and not expect me to react a certain way." I sighed frustratedly.

All I wanted to do now was comfort my mate, I knew he felt genuinely hurt and his facial expression said it all. It made my heart ache, but I couldn't help but feel irrational after everything that had happened over the years.

"How would you like me to say it Blair? I told you the truth and I was honest." He shook his head. "We can't keep going around in circles, you clearly continue to have suspicions and there's nothing more I can say."

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