Chapter Two

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His words had taken me a back. It was unexpected and the reality of Maverick coming home was nerve racking. I knew he had to come home eventually, but I hadn't expected or anticipated that it would be anytime soon.

I quickly attempted to cover my stunned expression with a smile, hoping they hadn't caught onto my concern. One I knew didn't quite reach my eyes.

They seemingly hadn't caught on or noticed. With Pierce pulling me into a tight hug before he dismissed his pack wolves, heading into my father's office. His wolves knew our territory well as over the last few years, they had begun the merging of our territories and today, they would be finalising those plans before Maverick arrived.

Both pack wolves were used to one another now, they were all familiar with each other's pack traditions and way of life. Something we had joined, we just needed to connect our territories with a slim piece of land that my father had taken over, it used to be unclaimed land. They had decided to keep it separate until Maverick and I would take over, having two Alphas on one territory was a power struggle, both were profoundly dominate.

I remained in the same spot for what seemed like hours, when in fact it had been minutes. Only when Lena's hand gently touched my shoulder had I been pulled out of my dazed trance.

My thoughts and emotions were raging, both racing and enabling me to think straight.

On one side, I was excited and eager to see him while nervous to be in his and his wolfs presence. I hadn't seen or touched him since the night he left me, the night I tried to speak to him, when we were inches from kissing, but he pulled away.

On the other side, the more dominant and recessive side was resentful and bitter about his empty promises and communication. Crushed and hurt at the way he dealt with the situation.

Unintentionally, my eyes narrowed from the wall to Lena. Her concerned ones staring back at me, making mine instantly soften. Her hand reached out, twirling a strand of my dark brown hair in-between her fingers.

"I recognise that look." She stated, looking at me with a sad smile which made my stomach hurt.

Lena and I had a close bond, one that I absolutely cherished, she knew all of my secrets including the one about Maverick and me having no contact. She kept them secret from everyone, I trusted her with everything and knew she would never tell my father regardless of the fact that he was her son.

Only Lena and three of my closest friends knew the truth.

She looked down to her wrist, her eyes gazing across her watch as she noted the time, ushering me upstairs as she followed. "Don't let me forget the cookies." She laughed as she closed my bedroom door, both sitting on my bed.

Lena shuffled getting into a comfortable position to braid my hair, our own ritual that we always followed when I felt troubled or unsettled by a situation. It had been a regular occurrence over the past two years, since Maverick had informed me on my birthday that he would not be returning. Not even providing me with an idea on when he would be back.

"How are you feeling?" Her tone was soft as she began brushing my hair back, catching all the little hairs that flicked into my face.

I breathed out heavily, reflecting back on when I used to call and text him, crying my eyes out, pleading for him to come back. To then expressing my animosity and resentment towards him, to receive no reply.

"Honestly, I don't know. I'm in two minds, I feel bitter yet excited. My wolfs emotions are at front and centre, they are overwhelming and crowding me at the moment."

"I can understand that." Lena began. "There were moments in my relationship with Liam where I felt similar to that. I was born into this pack and as you know, Liam was born in Alaska. It's usual practice for the female to move pack, but because of Blaine, we stayed here."

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