Chapter Five

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The walk to the house was silent, neither one of us making a sound nor attempt to speak to one another. Maverick continued to hold my hand even though I had tried to take it back on multiple occasions and instead, his grip tightened unwilling to let go.

The house our parents had built for us was beautiful, it was a white mansion in the middle of the territory surrounded by trees and hidden deep within the forest.

It was located south of the new pack house that we had extended since more teenagers were finding their mates while others preferred to live there instead of with their parents and some had lost their families due to wars or other circumstances.

We walked towards the steps and Maverick let go of my hand once he opened the front door, gesturing for me to walk in first.

He stood still at the door until I walked in. I had been here a few times since my mom, Ava and I decided on the decorations and the layout of the property.

I immediately made my way into the kitchen knowing that my mom and Ava had stocked up the fridge earlier this morning since they had both assumed we would be moving in here straight after the ceremony.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, turning my head to the side to see if Maverick wanted one to which he declined.

I nodded and walked around the kitchen counter taking a seat on a stool then took a sip of my cold water.

I had purposely walked to the other side of the counter wanting to put distance between us as Maverick leaned against the other side only a few metres away from me.

We kept eye contact but remained mute, both contemplating on what to say.

I ended up breaking the silence, wanting him to clarify and explain his reasons as to why he left me. "I can't comprehend why you left, I get why you did but I don't understand why you continued to distance yourself from me after I turned sixteen. I need an explanation because the age gap excuse just doesn't seem plausible."

Maverick took a deep breath, standing tall in the same position, his eyes focussed on me. "You know why Blair, I have always hated our age gap and that is it. When I was twenty you were sixteen and that just didn't feel right. You're eighteen now and I'm twenty two, it's just different and seems better. You knew I was always going to come back for you."

I wanted to believe his reason, but I continued to have a nagging feeling in the back of my mind and I needed to question whether he was unfaithful while he was away.

"You're telling me that you haven't been with anyone while you were away?" I focused on him intensely, watching to see if his facial expression faulted or whether his eyes deceived his words.

Maverick smirked at me, a grin appearing on his features which made my stomach tighten in knots as butterflies fluttered fiercely in my stomach. "No Blair, the only person who will ever touch me is you."

I blushed slightly, my eyes moving down as he began to chuckle. His words were sincere and his eyes continued to hold my gaze, almost pleading with me to see the truth.

He slowly moved around the kitchen counter towards me, no longer an obstruction keeping us apart.

"This doesn't mean that you're forgiven Mav," I stated stubbornly as he continued to sport a smile making it difficult to stay angry at him. "You don't just get a pass."

He pursed his lips at me then flashed me his pearly white teeth, a full grin on show. "Granted I should never have ignored you. I struggled with my wolf to keep away and selfishly the easiest way to deal with him was to cut our communication and for that, I'm sorry. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to come back for you."

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