Chapter Eight

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We hurried in the direction of where Trent had discovered the Omega. He had informed Maverick that they were in the north side of our territory. He along with another tracker were standing guard.

It was obvious when we were close that the body they had found was deceased, the smell of death lingered in the air and it tickled my nose unpleasantly.

Maverick nodded his head in the direction of the trees. His voice entering my mind. "Shift and change into the clothes by that tree."

I immediately went over and shifted back. We constantly hid clothes around the territory in case situations arise where we needed to be in our human forms.

Trent nodded his head at us both when we approached. His head looking down in the direction of where a young wolf laid dead, her back leaning against a tree.

Her body was positioned awkwardly, her arms flung to her sides while a small blanket was located besides her.

There was a baby occupying the blanket and she was lying there peacefully sleeping, blissfully unaware of the events unfolding around her.

"I checked the baby's pulse and she's fine, but I didn't want to move her just in case." Trent confirmed before the question left my mouth.

I was about to move forward when my mom and dad appeared. My mom looked extremely concerned and immediately went over, reaching down to gather the baby into her arms. She started to stoke the baby's head, pulling her closer to her chest to keep her warm.

"She's not a rogue," Maverick stated as he looked at my father. "She has the scent of a Shadow wolf but how and why she managed up dead in our territory, I don't know."

My father looked wary as he looked down at the Omega and back up to the baby that laid peacefully in my mother's arms. "How did she manage to get this far into the territory and why is she covered in so much blood?"

Trent interrupted looking at Maverick. "Alpha, she could not have been here for longer than an hour. I had run this area not too long ago."

Maverick nodded and they continued to speak for a few minutes until Maverick turned to my mom. "You should get her checked out at the pack infirmary. I have informed George and Quinn of her arrival."

"We'll take her now." My mom replied, still rocking the baby gently in her arms.

Before they left, Maverick informed my father that he would contact the Shadow Pack and would let him know the details of the conversation after the phone call.

He also requested that my mom update him on the condition of the baby once they had taken her to the pack infirmary to be examined.

Maverick then ordered Trent and a few pack wolves to move the body as he wanted her to be examined, he wanted to know the cause of death.

By the time we headed home, Maverick had went straight into his office to phone the Alpha of the Shadow Pack while I headed towards the infirmary wanting to know the condition of the baby. Hoping that she was in good health despite the trauma she might have experienced and witnessed.

"Mom?" I questioned as I entered the room to find our pack doctor George and his daughter Quinn rushing around the room as the small baby laid quietly in an incubator.

My mother stood silently beside her, looking down sadly as my father held her tightly to his side.

My mom looked up, tears lingering in her eyes willing to fall at any moment. She wiped them away as she gave me a small smile. "She reminds me so much of you when you were born, how small and fragile you were."

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