Chapter Four

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I was rooted to the same spot, frozen with hesitation as the door opened and he stepped in. I leaned back slightly, my body balancing against my night stand, helping me stay steady on my feet.

I could barely take my eyes off of him as he entered my eye line. His head turning with his eyes quickly finding mine, our stare intense as he took another step closer to me.

I could do nothing but stare, my mouth slightly agape as my chest rose and fell dramatically, my heart feeling heavier than before and my hands sweating with nerves.

"Blair?" He repeated, his voice bringing me out of my trance while sending thousands of butterflies into my belly. I felt breathless and anxious. My mind unable to comprehend or rationally think, watching as my mate slowly took another step towards me while keeping a safe distance.

I bit my lower lip and shook my head, the hurt I felt suddenly coming back as I whispered. "Why are you here Maverick?"

"I wasn't going to stay away from you forever Blair. I was always going to come back to you."

I shook my head again, my eyes diverting to the floor as I thought about what he had said. I hadn't even noticed that he had approached me until his hand reached up and grabbed my chin, gently pulling it to face him, sparks tingling against my skin from my mates touch.

Our eyes connected, holding each other's gaze fiercely. My wolf was howling at being close to her mate, she had missed him deeply and was revelling at the contact we were sharing.

Her want and need to be with him was overpowering, it was almost paralysing. His touch made me want to unravel.

My muscles relaxed underneath his touch as he continued to cup my chin, our eyes never swaying as we stayed in silence.

I stayed still for a few moments, my mind absorbing his facial features. He looked different, his features more mature: his jaw strong, his cheeks more chiselled and his hair darker than before.

My eyes were instinctively drawn to the attention of his lips, they looked as soft as I could remember, my mind drifting back to the night of the party three years ago.

My wolf was pushing me in the back of my mind, wanting to urge me forward into our mate's arms and wanting my lips to be on his.

At that thought I pulled away from him, putting space between us. I sighed deeply and watched on as his blue orbs began swirling with black, his own wolf making his presence known.

Tingles continued to brush against my skin, the feel of his contact lingering as I took another step back while noting that he had grown a few inches, his tall frame towering my small one.

He was at least 6 foot tall with his muscles bulging underneath his black t-shirt, they were more prominent than before, a perfectly sculptured chest hidden beneath his top.

"I missed you." He stated, receiving an eye roll in response. A frown occupying my features as I stared at my mate who was now smirking at me.

I narrowed my eyes on him, my arms folding against my chest as I glared at him deciding to deny his statement. "You couldn't have missed me that much Maverick. You haven't exactly made much effort with me."

"You know I did and we have discussed this before, I told you my reasons."

I turned around, my back facing him as I went to stand besides my bed, wanting to create a bigger space between us.

"You can't avoid me Blair, we're about to become Alphas. You're my mate and nothing has changed for me." He stated, his voice turning serious as I turned to face the window. In attempt to avoid looking at him, his presence consuming.

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