Chapter Three

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"This Saturday will not only be a welcoming party for Maverick and the others, but it will also be the celebration of you and Maverick taking over our Alpha titles."

"This Saturday?" I repeated, my eyes going wide at the information. I hadn't considered that Maverick would be here so soon, and the thought of us taking our titles hadn't crossed it either.

I attempted to cover up the shock I felt with a smile, hoping my surprise wasn't too obvious. If I hadn't already given it away when Pierce announced his return.

I was filled with apprehension and my whole body felt on edge. It was an uncomfortable position to be in. My mate would not only be arriving this week, but we would both be handed down our Alpha and Luna titles. That thought itself, terrified me.

Making it worse, we hadn't spoken in years and neither of our parents knew.

My fathers expression had my wolf on guard, he had pursed his lips, a frown taking over his facial expression as he stared at me intently. My wolf and I could sense his wolf near the surface.

He nodded slowly, his eyes pointedly staring into mine. "Maverick is due to arrive early on Saturday morning from Vegas. I thought you knew, but I have a strange suspicion that you wasn't expecting to see him anytime soon. Let alone, that you and Maverick would be having your Alpha ceremony on Saturday."

I held his intense stare, his wolf was lurking and the fierce look on his face, indicated that he was watching every reaction or slight movement in my face. He was trying to decipher my reaction.

When I didn't reply, he continued. "Are you sure there is nothing going on that I need to know about?" His Alpha tone lingered within his voice, but he hadn't used his Alpha command. It would have forced me to reply with honesty.

Instead he allowed his wolf to control in the background, his orbs black as his wolf made his appearance known, feeling the sudden and overwhelming urges to protect his pup.

It was clear that he also wanted to respect my privacy which made me smile.

Still, my hands couldn't help but sweat from his interrogation along with my legs feeling restless. My father was not known to be forgiving especially when it came to his family. Regardless of the fact that Maverick was the closest thing to a son to him.

I wasn't prepared or willing to disclose the true relationship that Maverick and I had. A relationship that did not actually exist.

"We're fine dad." I replied, brushing his comment off. "I spoke to Maverick about three days ago and he told me he wouldn't be back for a few weeks." I purposely sighed annoyed. "I think you might have ruined his surprise."

My father raised his eyebrow at me, clearly doubting my reason, but didn't comment further. I rolled my eyes after a while as his unconvinced stare didn't loosen. Deciding to counter with my own question. "What do you think is going on then?"

He leaned back into his chair. "You see, when I spoke to Maverick this morning to discuss the details of his arrival and of the ceremony. I had also questioned him on when he last spoke to you, and he told me that he spoke to you last night. He tried to dodge my questioning until I pushed further. Your reaction to Pierce had me concerned, and now I'm even more suspicious since neither of you share the same answer or story."

His forehead crinkled as he pursed his lips. "There's been a few occasions where things you've both said, hasn't added up and I want to know why."

I was cringing inside and felt weary of his words. I was coming up with blanks, unsure on what to say but sent him a reassuring smile. Deciding to keep up with the act, pretending to be confident that he was wrong with his suggestion.

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