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Dear Awkward Stranger,

Something freaky happened to me.

I was talking to Dave (I know you dislike him, get over it for the sake of this story) and we got on the topic of deep things, so I started going through my notes to find poems and collections of lyrics I've written.

I ended up finding something from (according to the date in my notes) May 8, 2014.

This was after you made the deal with me about Jenna and Olivia (Liv), I think, just because of things I felt the next day, but I could be wrong.

I thought I had that dream after school ended, but I was wrong about that.

Anyway, you and Liv got back together. (This dream takes place last year, not this year) I remember I felt the air suffocating me, and you kept looking at me with the look you always gave me, and still do.

Angel told me that there was something off about you two and she and I should just go to our class.

Later that day something happened. I didn't write down what happened, I apparently didn't remember. Whatever happened resulted in you taking me to the nurses office.

She took my temperature and it was 99.9. That apparently was enough to keep us both in the office. According to what I wrote, I asked you about your relationship. You were "lost for words".

Suddenly the air was suffocating me again, but ten times worse. The nurse took my tentative, it was 100.01. I'll get the that later.

They said I had to go home, and you flipped out saying things like you couldn't lose me or let me go. They got me away from you and into my dad's car. That's when I woke up.

Here's the crazy part. You let me go. Just kidding that's not the crazy part.

The crazy part was that when I was sick and they took my temperature at school the nurse did the same thing as the one in the dream did. She took my temperature and then showed me it. In the dream and reality it was 100.01

Another freaky thing, you and Liv did kind of get back together. You gave her another chance but not me.

Your reason was that she's hurt you less. I never hurt you intentionally, yet she has hurt you intentionally every single time she's hurt you.

I mean, she dated you to piss me off! Then she laughed in your face when confronted and you had to find out from reading my text messages with Aiden!

I find it strange the weak little me could hurt the almighty you. You seem so untouchable, you never once said "Hey, that's not nice, I don't like that."

I would've apologized, but calm isn't in your vocabulary.

Doesn't matter now. Liv is homeschooled now, and Denise said it's her fault, but she won't tell me how it is.

I have a question for you, but I won't ask here, but I also won't text you.

~Just Me

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