Here's the thing

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Dear Awkward Stranger,

Here's the thing, you're so damn infuriating, not to mention totally hypocritical.

I won't ever accuse you of tricking me, or making me believe something, but come on, everything you said and did, did you really think would have no effect on me?

You know how vulnerable I am, and gosh I hate that word. Makes me seen weak.

Also, you lied to me. You always complained that I hurt you. So one day you were mad (shocker) and I asked you to promise that whenever I was hurting you, you'd tell me without getting mad, because I DID NOT WANT TO. You promised.

However months later I hear nothing until you pulled the plug. So you either broke a promise willingly, or just forgot you made one. Both sound pretty jerk like to me.

Here's another thing, you say I'm passive aggressive. Call it what you want, I just don't like getting mad. The caps up there were to get my point across, not for anger.

At least I think about if I'd hurt people a lot more than you do. Did you really think all those times you called me a bitch I wouldn't be hurt? Doesn't really matter because I've already forgiven you, that's just what I do. People are different when they're angry, but that doesn't excuse what they do.

Yesterday I had terrible back pain. I had to leave school early because I had a fever as well.

I went to the minor emergency room, they didn't know what was wrong with me. Today (as of writing this part) I have a fever, back pain, a bad cough, a terrible headache, and a sore throat. My mom thinks I have the flu, I don't know. I've been in bed all day, I have very little energy.

Oh well.

~Just Me

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