Happy New Years

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Dear Awkward Stranger,

Happy New Years!

No one texted me.

Happy New Years!

You don't miss me.


I had a dream you texted me.

I've been having a lot of dreams with you.

The first one I had is I was with Jenna at school and we had to get paired up for this thing and we were paired up.

I tried to act like I didn't know we were paired because I knew you wouldn't want that, but you yelled at me we were paired.

I went over to you and you grabbed me like you used to, and talked to me like you used to.

Jenna gave me a signal I guess made sense in the dream but it doesn't now.

The weirdest thing happened. We danced. We were dancing, and it was a slow dance. Stupid brain.

The next dream was Aiden and I were walking home from school and you drove by in a car (you weren't driving it) and you saw Aiden and I. You we're wearing that pink shirt you have.

You texted me that you were sick of me. I told you you weren't the boss of me.

We ended up texting and I can't remember everything but you said you missed me.

I don't know why my brain keeps telling me you miss me.

I know you don't.

The thing is, my dreams come true in some way. The class we have together partners up by matching, the same way we were partnered up in the dream.

I know you don't miss me though.

The only person who texts me now is Jenna.

A year ago I wasn't speaking to her.

I've been going on omegle a lot lately. Before my parents blocked it again. I'll find another way though.

Before I came up with these I met a guy who was fifteen. I told him my real age and we started emailing and he called me beautiful.

Something that clearly would've killed you to do.

~Just Me

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