Chapter 10

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Daria woke up from the nightmare feeling ready to puke and her heart leaping out of her chest. The violence in the dream wouldn't leave her mind. The vividness of it all was terrifying. She let out a loud gasp of surprise when two cold hands pressed against her shoulders to calm her down. The thumbs began to make small gentle movements around her back. She closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to make the images go away. 

Reality returned to her. She was lying on a bed in a foreign room in an unfamiliar house in an unknown part of Gotham. The man who was trying to calm her down was none other than her psychology teacher, whom she had fallen asleep next to.

Had she had woken up from a better dream she would have laughed at the strangeness of it all. However the nightmares gory images still clung to her. Flashing up every couple of seconds. The nausea came back with full force and Daria ran into the bathroom which was a little alcove in the bedroom. Her roommate reached her in good time to hold her hair up as she threw up in the toilet bowl. 

"Please don't..." she whispered while grabbing toilet paper to wipe her mouth. Her throat felt sore. "...Don't ever experiment on me again, ever," She hated this so much.

Jonathan didn't feel so well. He'd made the girl, he had come to like a lot, sick. Getting horrifically vivid nightmares. This fear toxin malfunction would be great for enemies and insignificant test subjects but Daria was much more than a lab rat. She was a potential helper. A potential ally. Her knowledge and curiosity were great assets.
"I'm going to go test your blood sample now," He got up from where they crouched, helping her up as well and leading her back to the bedroom where he grabbed his silver briefcase and descended into the small cellar where he kept the heavy equipment and harmful chemicals. If he didn't fix things now, Daria could receive a small amount of damage to her mind.

Daria grew bored of sitting in the bed and reading the book The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larssen. That she'd found in the bedroom. It was a great book but sitting and doing nothing is something she could never do for long. She got out of the bed and looked for anything she could wear. Of course she had no clothes and had no intention of raiding her teacher's wardrobe. She took off her sweaty tank top and trousers. Took a mildly cold refreshing shower and then put back on her jeans but rather than the tank top she just put on her bra and pink hoodie. Without further hesitation or rest she went downstairs to eat some cereal and checked through her text messages. Luckily she'd only gotten two and they were from April and Ethan.

<From> Ethan 9:43pm
what did Dr. Crane want with you and how come you always stay behind on a Friday?

Also... Are you free this weekend?

<From>April 12:54pm

Hey, are you out with Eric again? Can you come back to the dorm soonish please? Last week was really worrying for us and you don't seem yourself lately. I hope you'll open up soon.

She didn't bother to reply. Currently the cereal she was pouring into a purple bowl was much more important. She got the milk out of the fridge and sat down to enjoy the meal that was so lacking in nutrients. Dr. Crane must have gone a bought some new cereal for her because it had flavour and was not stale. Sorta sweet?

It was three hours later when Jonathan emerged from the creepy looking door at the end of the hall. He followed the scent of coffee to where Daria sat on the sofa, reading her book and drinking from a large red cup. He stood in the doorway and watched her in her calm state. She'd taken a shower as well.
Daria jumped slightly when he entered, she hadn't noticed him there. They both exchanged an awkward smile.
"You're going through a detoxification of the toxin right now, you should be alright in about two days' time, I suggest you call in sick on Monday. I shall do the same so that I can look after you,"
Did he just say that.
Did he just say "so I can look after you".
Daria couldn't help but curve her lips upwards slightly. "Thank you Professor,"
"Please Daria, you can discard the formalities when we are not with an audience," He reminded her for the umpteenth time. Her reply was a nod and nothing more. "I guess if you are staying here we might as well find some clothes,"
He was gone again with the door locked behind him after six minutes. The same door reopened after some time had passed and Jonathan was carrying a bag of clothes which he placed on the kitchen table for Daria, who had fallen asleep again,  worn out from the toxin leaving her body. It behaved like the flu virus in a way.

"Whatcha up to?" Daria'd surprised both of them with her sudden casual address when she woke up.  Jonathan was sitting on the sofa with a stack of paper.
"Although it's the weekend I still have to mark schoolwork, this girl especially is disgusting,"
"Lucy Howell," The room was awkwardly silent before Jonathan let out a loud laugh. Daria contained a giggle but she found the professor's laugh adorable.

"Exactly correct, how did you know?" He asked after calming down. Daria sat down on the couch with him so they were facing.
"Well that pink pen ink is visible even in this dreadful lighting at also I've seen how she seems to beg for your attention it's really funny," 

Daria noticed the stack of DVDs next to the old TV in the livingroom. She crouched on the floor to read through them and pulled out 'The Scarlet Letter'.

"It's probably my favourite book," She explained to Jonathan.
"My favourite is the Legends of Sleepy Hollow but The Scarlet Letter is another favourite," He looked at the DVD again. "I've never actually seen that movie,"
"neither have I," Daria murmured, leaning back into the couch and curling up into a ball.
"Well it's a Sunday, shall we watch it now?" There is no reply from her. "Daria?"
"Yes of course, but first," She paused and rose. "Food," Without further words she went to the kitchen while Jonathan chuckled softly at the girl's comfortable behaviour and set up the TV that he'd only used once before to see himself as Scarecrow on TV.
"Do you want some as well?" She called from the other room.
"Ok," he wasn't very loud but she was still able to hear him and returned with two sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes inside. She then dropped onto the couch and began to eat. Shortly after, Jonathan joined her and the movie started. Daria was first to finish the sandwich and took the plates to the kitchen. When the action actually did start to commence she refrained from movement to stare at the screen. Her eyes were beginning to drop. She was tired at although this movie wasn't boring she couldn't stay still for too long without wanting to sleep. She found herself – to both their surprises – leaning her head on Jonathan's shoulder.
"I'm sorry, I'm very tired and your shoulder is a convenient resting place." He obviously didn't mind because he soon was playing with a lock of her hair.
"Go to sleep, you're tired," He whispered.
"If I go to sleep I'll dream," and she was afraid of that. She currently wasn't stressed at all with Jonathan touching her hair and allowing her to sit comfortably. Soon they were hardly paying attention to the movie.
"How long until the nightmares go away?"
"Three days,"
"Then what?"
"I will enhance and fix the toxin and then test it again,"
"With me?"
"Yes," His voice lacked emotion. Daria remained calm and put her head on his lap which was much more comfortable and he was now touching her hair and her head, almost massaging it.
"You aren't scared?" His emotionless tone was now tinted with slight curiosity.
"Of course I am, but I don't really have any other choice,"
"Do I frighten you?" His voice was soft. Even those words had seen a shiver down her spine.
"Then why are you so comfortable right now?"
"You're a hot teacher," she admitted honestly but also said it as a joke. If the lights had been on he would have seen a faint blush on her cheeks. Jonathan chuckled softly.
"What?" Now she was asking the questions.
"I just find you very interesting," They returned their focus to the movie. Since they had read the book they both knew exactly what point the movie had gotten to. Currently Pearl was now being accused as a witch.

"Go to sleep,"
She did as she was told. Calming down into sub-consciousness only fifteen minutes afterwards and Jonathan returned to marking papers in an awkward sitting position.

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