Chapter 9

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By 10:45pm Jonathan had set up everything. Daria lay on the bed upstairs wearing a thin green tank top and faded grey jeans, her hair was tied into a bun so it wouldn't interfere. The bed was very comfortable and warm but still she'd hesitated at first, creeped out that it was her professor's bed but he reassured her that he would sleep on the couch.
"What are you actually planning to do Professor?" Her voice was less prideful and softer.
"I need to take a blood test to see if there is still toxin circulating and then I need to see if it is reacting to your adrenaline or if it is merely too much in the system," She nodded, placing out her arm while he applied something that felt like a tourniquet. Daria hardly felt the needle go in. His movements were quick as he removed the needle, tourniquet and applied pressure to the small hole in her skin.
"Done," He smiled up at her. It was gone like lightning.
"Thank you," She rolled over quickly to the other side of the bed. "So can I go back to campus now?" She briefly looked up to Jonathan who's expression and only gotten slightly annoyed.
"What's so amazing back at campus?" He began after shutting his briefcase that had a small vial of her blood. "You're terribly annoying friends, especially your ignorant friend – Ethan is it?" Although she agreed with him, she disliked the rudeness a little. Jonathan was also coming closer to her in an intimidating fashion.
Daria had to at least try to look strong.

"Get away from me," She said monotonously, not moving. He was less than a meter away and after she'd made that comment he closed in the gap and leaned forward so that she was almost lying on the bed.
"Oh come on Daria, are we not going to address these hidden feelings that we seem to be withholding," Her facial expression remained stone-like and vacant. However she couldn't meet his eyes.
Wanting an answer, Jonathan grabbed her neck  so that she'd look into his blue eyes with complete fear. In the back of his mind the Scarecrow was getting more excited at what was going on. Daria's mouth formed an 'o'. Then Jonathan let go abruptly, causing Daria to gasp for oxygen.

"I don't enjoy hurting you," Jonathan said softly. I do, I do, Oh I very much do. Scarecrow piped up in his head with a cackle following, causing the doctor to wince before recomposing himself. "just don't hide anything, you're hiding your feelings Daria," He stroked her cheek gently and contained his slight surprise when she leaned her face into it. He turned to grab his suitcase and walk out the door. The sooner the tests were done the more fun he'd be able to start. Before he could leave the room his stride was interrupted by a weak airy voice.
"Please don't leave, I'm so scared,"

Jonathan probably stood on the spot for four minutes before changing his mind, putting down the suitcase and going over to where the frightened girl lay shaking. She had moved so that there was space for him to lie on the bed. With an audible sigh he took off his blazer, tie and shoes and got on the bed. Lying inches from each other, both studied their expressions and thoughts. Admitting everything in the silence. This lasted for half an hour before Jonathan felt a heavy weight on his chest. His hand moved down to feel long strands of dark hair. Daria had fallen asleep and used him as a pillow it seemed. 

Jonathan found himself running his fingers through her hair. Her presence had calmed his quick paced routine and now Dr. Crane noticed how tired he was. Then without further thought he shut his eyes and for once in ages had sleep without nightmares.

[AN 29/10/23: Dearest readers. Firstly, thank you so much for your love of this story. Secondly, I have come to grow uncomfortable  with Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow's fictional MPD in this story (I believe I originally wrote it in in accordance with one of the older comic storylines). I would like to instead have it acknowledged and read as Scarecrow being Jonathan's psyche and impulses but ultimately it is just his own mind and his own internal conflicts of self. I may attempt to write this into the book, however since I've written so much already, it is best if I just ask for you all to apply this meaning to your reading.]

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