Chapter 5

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Daria woke up eleven hours later. The professor watched from afar as she sat up with a soft groan, then look around in panic and alarm at the unfamiliar room she was in. He'd placed her on the green living room couch upon arrival and wrapped her up in a towel in case she sweated out the impurities during the night. After six hours of sleep he came downstairs and checked her vitals before sitting on the identical green couch opposite to read and hadn't moved since except to use the bathroom.
"Good afternoon Ms. Morrison," Her head turned rapidly when he spoke in order to identify the presence. The room was dim, making the teacher seem ever so slightly intimidating where in reality he was just reading a book and bidding her a Good Afternoon.
"Can I go home now?" She surprised him with her choice of words and tone of voice. Her facial expression seemed to have calmed when she'd realised it was her psychology professor and not some stranger. Even still, normally when kidnapped the person would yell 'Let me go!', or give a list of reasons on why you should pity them or scream and be difficult. Daria did none of that. She had relaxed back into the couch and looked over at the man across from her.

"Not yet," he said in return but his eyes were staring into space, his mind was elsewhere. "I may have further need for you and the dose I gave you was quite fatal, your mind would be vacant now if I hadn't given you the antidote," Once again he was surprised to find her eyes light up at this like a child receiving candy for the first time. He gave her a questioning glance but she couldn't see it in the dim light.
"Although that wouldn't be good if that were to happen, I find that very interesting," Daria explained. Then sat up again without a second's delay, it looked like she'd been electrocuted by the couch and jumped up. "Dr. Crane where is the bathroom?"
"At the end of the hall on the left hand side," She got up, at first she wobbled since her mind was only just reconnecting with the rest of her. Then she walked out of the door and down the hall to the bathroom which had a light considerably brighter than the living room but it flickered constantly. If this was Dr Crane's house, he most definitely was not paying a consistent bill for his house. 
Daria splashed cool water on her face and opened up the mirror cabinet. Searching for anything slightly sharp or any medication. It was to her great excitement to find that there was a scalpel -  out of all things to find in a bathroom-  and a bottle of Tylenol which she hid behind the toilet bowl. Her first instinct was to grab the scalpel and hide it behind her back as she walked out. She didn't intend to mark his skin, just threaten him so he'd let her go. Staying under someone's command is something Daria despised. Especially someone as arrogant and intelligent as Dr. Crane. 
She opened the door. As if he had known her full intention Dr. Crane greeted her at the door then rushed to her in one movement. Grabbing her left wrist and in the act, knocking the scalpel from her hand and watching it clatter on the floor before turning back to her. His blue irises were full of annoyance and anger but his facial emotion seemed amused.
"Now Daria you weren't planning on stabbing me were you?" He smirked. Daria shrunk back into the wall. Not wanting to accept defeat but too scared to fight back.
"N-no," she replied, her voice wavered.
"Now Daria I understand you hate being under submission and unable to control yourself, the next few days could be a little... difficult for you," His lips were curling upwards, enjoying her reactions. She stood up properly, standing absolutely still and breathing slowly. Trying her hardest not to have a sudden panic attack.
"Now let's go back to the living room, shall we?" he waited and then using his hand, forced her to nod and walked behind her on the way back. The scalpel was now in his right hand. He obviously would not stab her but he could at least threaten her with the object. Daria sat back down on the couch and leaned back, shaking.  "Would you stab me?"
"I stabbed you with a needle yesterday and pushed toxic mind altering fluids into your blood stream what do you think?" He snapped. A valid rebuttle. 

"Can I eat something?"

The professor stood in the doorway and watched his student eat through her second bowl of cereal slowly. He had to keep an eye on her in the kitchen because of the multiple butcher's knives. He was increasing in boredom each minute that she brought the spoon to her mouth and chewed with her mouth open to irritate him.
"I wasn't going to stab you with that scalpel," she spoke, filling the ugly void of silence. "I just hate being told what to do,"
"Well Ms. Morrison, for most of the time you are here, you will probably be told what to do," Daria glared in return.
"Dr. Crane we may be playing your game but I'm sticking to my rules not yours,"
"Call me Jonathan, and for now you have no choice," He gloated at his words. Even further making her frown. She pushed away the empty bowl of cereal and stood up.
"Okay Jonathan, I'm still finding it very weird to be under the supervision of my psychology professor who has kidnapped me but not tied me up - thank you by the way," She looked at him straight, unmoving. "As well as that I'm sure I'm receiving a lot of calls from my friends who are worried," 

"I've been replying to your friends as if it were you speaking with them," she glared and her jaw tightened. "I also told them you would be offline for a while because you were visiting family just outside of Gotham," Daria approached her professor slowly while he gave her a quizzical glance. Then she dodged left and ran out of the door, remembering the front door was close by.
Of course it was locked and the adrenaline was kickstarting her fast heartbeat again.  Scarecrow entered the room. Tossing the pale fog-like gas at her face and she instantly felt her breathing become terribly difficult. The walls began to close in quickly and The Scarecrow stood above her huddled state on the floor. Burlap mask and hangman's noose adorned.
"You can't escape Daria, not a smart mouth like you," Whether that was a compliment or not, Daria was too occupied to tell. Her eyes were at their widest and her mouth was agape. No screams left her until Jonathan moved to grab her to take her upstairs, further away from the exit. She released a well-pitched scream of panic. Scarecrow didn't like her reaction too much and forcefully tugged her to the living room and left her on the couch she had woken up in. 

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