Chapter 7

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"All around me are familiar faces,
worn out places, worn out faces,
bright and early for their daily races,
going nowhere, going nowhere,
their tears are filling up their glasses,
no expression, no expression,
Hide my head I wanna drown in my sorrow,
no tomorrow, no tomorrow," Jonathan woke up to a soft voice singing in the kitchen. He recalled the song as Mad World by Tears for Fears - an old band. The voice was Daria's and the delightful smell was freshly made coffee. It got Jonathan to his feet quickly and walking to the kitchen. 

"Morning Scruffy," He could tell her casual tone was forced. She obviously still uncomfortable. Jonathan looked at his reflection in the black microwave. His hair was  tossed about his head and his white shirt was unbuttoned at the top. He gave his reflection a short smile and then averted his eyes to the cup of coffee that had been placed in front of him.
"Thank you," His voice was slightly hoarse since he'd just woken up. Daria just nodded back, accepting his gratitude before she took a sip of her own. The two stood in silence until placing own their empty cups simultaneously on the marble table.
"It's Monday so can I go to college or am I a true prisoner here?" Daria interrupted the silence. Jonathan's eyes flicked up to see that she was watching him closely. He'd not done anything to calm down his slightly messy appearance. After hesitation he nodded.
"Yes I'm teaching classes today as well, Remember we are still meeting on Friday and you must find a reasonable excuse for your absence this weekend," He spoke rapidly, ending their moment, and then left to find some clothes. 

Daria starred at the kitchen wall. They'd just had a calm civil conversation after the strange events of the weekend. How weird. Jonathan's moods were very easily altered. Daria had been able to adjust to that alright it seemed. She'd yet to face the Scarecrow and hoped not to. After seeing Jonathan angry, the Scarecrow could at worse break her mind.
That wouldn't be fun at all, would it?

"Are you going to take the tram or do I have to drop you off?" Jonathan's voice from the other room startled her out of the daze.
"Tram," She said without thinking.
"Ok then I suggest you hurry up because it's arriving on platform in fifteen minutes," Daria didn't delay. Grabbing her stuff and walking towards the door.
"Thank you professor," Before walking outside into the calm cold air and towards the station.

Jonathan paused as he did up his tie, examining his appearance in the mirror. Why had she said thank you to him? What for?
Maybe because he helped her in the early morning with her headache.
She wouldn't have gotten the headache if you hadn't injected her though.
Daria had also not woken up and cowered in fear at what he would do to her next. As much as he enjoyed her company, he'd have to establish his control of her. That was something the Scarecrow felt was essential. 

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