Chapter 6

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When Daria next opened her eyes to the dull living room colours, a sharp headache like a vibrating hammer being tapped on her head constantly was present. She put her hands to her head and began rocking slightly back and forth. The pain was terrible and all sound and other sense was cut out from her.
"Drink this," His sudden appearance surprised her. His voice sounded muffled to her ears. Only barely hearing because he was so close. Jonathan was holding a cup of water that had a pill dissolving in it. Without further consultation she drank it, hoping its effect was to soothe the headache. While she did so she felt a soft but cold hand touching her skin. She looked to her right hand which wasn't holding the drink, Jonathan was circling his thumb on the back of her hand. It calmed her down along with the drink but she felt strange as he was her professor.
On that note surely she'd be going back to school tomorrow?
"Dr. Crane?" she asked softly. The doctor had not ceased his hand motion.
"Jonathan," After a moment of dumbfound staring she realised he was correcting her.

"Jonathan," She retried. "Will I be going back to my normal routine tomorrow?"
His icy blue eyes made contact with her green eyes. "Only if you feel well enough to," She didn't understand what he meant and it made her worry slightly.
"What's the time," Jonathan checked his watch and then showed it to her. It read 4:23am. "I was reading on the couch when you woke up from the headache," He explained. She'd wondered about the lightning speed.
"Go to sleep,"
"Excuse me?" He seemed surprise at her sudden command.
"You are a psychiatrist I'm sure you know how vital sleep is, by staying awake you do no justice," It seemed that Daria was accepting her captivity.  
"Fine but I'm sleeping on the couch next to you," He returned to his reading place. Daria refrained from any complaint and let herself fall back asleep again.
Jonathan watched her silhouette. The room was dark and he could just make out the colour and shape of everything. Daria's breathing changed as she fell asleep and he decided to copy her idea in resting. Although it took more time for him to drift off because his mind was whirring with unfinished ideas and thoughts, like an overheated computer that's been on for too long. He clicked shut down in his brain and felt a moment of a comforting drifting from consciousness.

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