Chapter 4

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Daria spent most of Sunday sitting on her bed in her dorm while April was out with some friends and Ethan was with his. She was still shaken from what had occurred on the Friday evening as well as the way the doctor had handled her.
It wasn't legal at all. She could go to the police saying he tested drugs on her and assaulted her and she'd be safe again.
But she wouldn't let herself do that. She even wanted to continue these experiments. They interested her although the overwhelming fear made her beg for death. At least they made her beg for something rather than being in the consistent state of limbo that she'd been in most of the time. The professor was very unusual and it attracted her to him. It was like stockholm syndrome but her captivity was more freelance - as screwed as that seemed. 

On Thursday Daria's mind was almost completely dominated by the thoughts of what would happen on the friday. Dr Crane obviously trusted her to be quiet. The professor would want her to do exactly as he ordered so the experiment would be successful. Daria hated to be ordered around.

Meanwhile as the student thought aimlessly in the dormitory south of Gotham UC, in the west campus building, Dr. Crane sat at his desk in front of one of his classes as they all scribbled down notes that were on the board. In his hands he was rereading the MPD essay that his best student had given him. In his flash of anger after he'd first read it, a lot of the things in his office had been knocked to the floor or smashed and he couldn't be bothered to clean it. He'd also forbidden the janitor from entering his office in general. It was apparent that Daria was not going to rat him out to the police. So his anger had subsided and instead he had been strongly impressed by her writing. 
"D-Doctor Crane?" A high female voice stuttered. In his mind he grimaced from the squeaky sound. He looked up to see Lucy Howell who wore her usual hip hugging jeans and a pink crop top. A fashion he despised. Her long wavy blonde hair framed her square face. A model structure destroyed by her toddler level makeup skills. 
"Yes Ms. Howell?" He said dismissively. The rest of the class had filtered out already.
"O-oh um," Get on with it. "I didn't understand what you said in the lesson," Of course she didn't Crane thought to himself.
"Well Ms. Howell, Might I suggest you go ask a classmate?" The girl's nervous smile became a frown. It was obvious she'd made an excuse to talk to him.
"Y-yes sir," With that she rushed out, Crane didn't bother to watch her go as he returned to marking the essay.


"Dr. Crane is following us again!" April whisper shouted. All three looked back without trying to raise attention. He was within perfect earshot. April and Ethan jumped when they heard Daria let out a loud out of character laugh.  
"What's so funny?" Ethan poked her gently.
"Nothing, it just seems like things are terribly predictable lately," She turned the corner quickly and entered the sandwich shop while the other two give each other questioning glances.
"I noticed that you haven't been coming back to the dorm on Fridays and then I don't see you until Monday," Daria tried not to stall herself, she knew from behind Dr. Crane was preparing to act in case she ratted him out.
He watched from behind one of the isles as she twirled around and a playful manner to grab an item from behind her.
"Y'Know April it's not too much to ask if I can go out once a week? I see a friend on Friday until nine," She was a good liar; calm and collected. "It's not that Eric dude from the narrows right?"

"Nope, I see him on weekends too though," "Honestly it's fiine April, last weekend you were out with your bio friends so I let you have fun, no interference,"
"Ouch, she speaks like I'm not here sometimes," Ethan mumbled. 
"Loving this beard coming through Ethan," Daria nodded to the ginger hair that was growing on her friend's chin. 
"Woah Daria noticed me, damn,"

The psychology professor paid for his coffee in front of Daria and co in the queue. The conversation had moved on to trivial things such as the April's gossip about someone she liked. He rolled his eyes at the girl's change in pitch when talking about the guy she liked. He was glad to find that Daria also rolled her eyes. 

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