5) A plan

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They were going to…kill…me.

Who are these other people who are making my death more convenient?

Why ask Tay, he’s my best friend he wouldn’t kill me. Would he?

Coming out of my thoughts I noticed Danny was gone and Tay had noticed me behind the bush. For the first time ever fear ran through me as I struggled to my feet to make a run for it, but I only just made it to my feet before a strong grip had a hold of my arm. My head whipped round and I met Taylor’s eyes.

“Mols, how much did you hear?”

“Enough to know that you’ve been asked to kill me ‘cause it’s easier than killing ‘them’”

“You do know I don’t plan on killing you don’t you?”

“I’m not gonna lie Taylor I did think you were, I mean, I trusted Danny my whole life and look what he’s done. He’s ordered for me to be killed! By my best friend!”

“I know it’ll be hard but can you trust me?”

Could I honestly answer that question? Probably not, in the past it would’ve been a no brainer- yes, of course- but now new information has surfaced, and I’m losing certainty in the trust I had in Taylor, in everyone.

“I…I’m not sure I can. Tay this is a lot to take in.”

“Well whether you trust me or not I’m helping. End of.”

“And how exactly are you going to do that? May I ask?”

“We’ll find the people who are making your death convenient, and kill them. We are assassins after all it is what we do best isn’t it. Kill people quietly”

I had never really thought about my job in that way before. Am I really a killer? I have never thought twice about killing someone before, it’s all I’ve ever known- to kill- but Tay’s wording made it sound like we were monsters. 

I could see the hint of surprise in Tay’s face. This is the first time I have hesitated with a simple mission to track and kill. These people we hunt are humans too, they have best friends, like Tay and I, Jobs, like us, and Families. Not like us. That was the one thing I always envied about my targets. The fact they had a family who cared about them and loved them. I didn’t have that, I had a heartless boss who obviously didn’t care or love me.

“Fine but I want know a bit more about these people before we jump right into killing them”


“I don’t want to kill someone if the aren’t doing any real harm”

“Molly! They’re tracking you, they’re the reason FRINGE want you dead”

“Maybe they have a point. Like you said ‘ that is what we do best… kill people’. We’re killers Tay! We kill people with children, husbands, wives, parents. A family. And for what reason?! Because a man in a fancy office told us to! Doesn’t that sound a bit heartless?”

“I guess you’re right, but I don’t want you to get too emotional about it if they do deserve to die”

“Taylor, I have been an assassin for years now. I’d be surprised if I could get emotional about killing”


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