Confusing Truth (pt2)

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I’m soo sorry this is soo late; I’ve had like no time. I actually surprised I got this done but I was feeling really bad that I had left you guys hanging like that so I felt I should a squeeze a chapter in somewhere. Go forth and enjoy :D


It can’t be! But then again it could? Danny had told me my parents died, but they’re faces are looking up at me from the sheet of paper currently occupying Josh’s bathroom floor. It had to be me! I look so much like her, my mum.  As I slowly bent over to retrieve the sheet I noticed a turned over picture, leant over to pick it up, slowly turning it so the coloured side faced me. A gasp escaped my lips as the picture was revealed to me. It was my mum, dad and I at the beach when I was four, what scared me was I remembered this day so clearly it may as well have been yesterday.


The car was going along a little country road, it had lots of corners that made my tummy jump.

            Me, Mummy and Daddy were going to the beach today. I’d never been to the beach. Mummy said it was because we lived so far away that by the time we got there it would be cold but we stayed at granny’s last night and she told me the beach was a little down the road. My friend Lily had told all about the beach, and how much she had running into the chill water. She said the sand tickles your feet when you walk, and that if you dig deep enough in the sand you’ll reach China!

            I was too busy looking at my book that I didn’t realise that we had arrived at the beach. When daddy told me I bounced out the car and started running to the beach but only got a few steps before daddy lifted me up and instantly I was on his shoulders. I burst into a fit of giggles as I held daddy’s head. He walked around to the back of the car, me still on his shoulders and got a bucket and spade out while mummy grabbed the towels.

            Once we were down on the beach, mummy laid out a picnic blanket and helped me out of my clothes, so I could run about in my Dora swimsuit. Once Mummy and Daddy were in their swim clothes I was sat on Mummy’s knee while she braided my hair. All of a sudden Daddy was behind Mummy, with his legs on either side of her waist, his arms around the both of us and his head on Mummy’s shoulder. He told me to look at the lady in front of us holding a camera and smile. So I did, a flash went off and then Daddy went to get the camera back and took to run and splash in the sea

End of Flashback

Loud sobs escaped my throat and I fell to the bathroom floor. Curled in a ball I jumped out my skin when the bathroom door came breaking down, revealing a worried looking Josh who sat on the floor and pulled onto his lap, holding to his chest and soothingly rubbing my back. Everything was slowly becoming darker before I fell asleep.


I woke up with a pair of muscular arms around me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I really needed to pee I probably wouldn’t of moved, but alas I did need to pee and this arm was in my way. I carefully lifted it up and swiftly slipped out the bed before placing the arm back down. I tiptoed to the bathroom, and quickly got in the bathroom.

             I pooled the water in my hands and splashed my face with it to wake myself. When my face reappeared from the towel I noticed that the files I am sure I accidently left in here were no longer lying in the floor. Panicking I quickly tiptoed to the door intending to search Josh’s room for it. Of course that plan went down the plughole when Josh was standing at the other side of the door.

“Morning!” Josh beamed.

“Morning” I replied a little less enthusiastically.

“Not a morning person I see” Josh chuckled.

“I guess”

“Could I like get in? You know to use the bathroom” Josh once again chuckled with a hint of seriousness to his tone.

“Yeah sure, sorry”

Whilst Josh was in the bathroom I searched for the files and couldn’t find them anywhere. I decided I would just have to ask him where he’d put them. Appearing from the bathroom still drying his face, Josh headed to his bed.

“Uhh Josh, did you… uh by a…a..any chance pick up a file?”

“Ya mean this?” Josh asked holding the very file itself.

“Uhh yes” I took it from him, surprised there were no questions, so surprised I asked him.

“Well it’s your business, not mine. Oh and why didn’t you tell me you knew the Simmons’ ?”

“I don’t really, why? Do you know them?” I asked curious as to how he knew my family.

“Well I’ve only lived next door the past ten years”

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