Secret's Out

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Hey, sorry i took my time uploading this but i just didnt have any motivation to write but tonight words were just flowing out my brain.

Hope you enjoy :D


Ugh. It’s 2 in the morning, I have to get up for school in 5 hours and I’m still wide-awake.  Taylor and Tony’s lying has really unsettled me. Is Fringe going to get rid of me? Have I done something wrong? Am I not good enough anymore? These possibilities were running around my head like marathon runners.

“Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, when we drink we do it right gettin slizzard…”

That’s Tay’s phone, who would be calling Tay at this hour? Curiosity got the better of me and listening into his conversation was inevitable. I silently pulled back covers; they chill of the draft coming in through my bedroom door hitting my feet before I placed them into my slippers. I silently crept across the room and pressed my ear against the wall.

“…Of course, Molly’s definitely suspicious though. She asked me what was going on as soon as we got to base”

Oh so I was the topic of conversation?

“Tony, I know it’s my job but I’ve known Molly for too long and I don’t think I can lie to her about something like this. It’s just too important…Look I’ve gotta go it’s late and I don’t want anyone hearing me”

I KNEW IT!! I can’t believe this! I have to find out what they’re keeping from me, soon.


 -Beep, beep, beep-

I stretched my arm towards my bedside table and smacked my alarm causing the terrible beeping to turn to silence, sweet blissful silence. I sluggishly threw the cover off my pyjama-clad body and pushed myself up from comfy pillow, the cold air making me shiver. Once again I pushed my feet into my slippers and dragged my feet towards the bathroom.

Once I was finished in the bathroom, I went back to room a little livelier-the cold water I had used to wash my face wakening me up. I got dressed putting on my “Wild at Heart” t-shirt and a pair of skinnies with my favourite old pair of converse. I grabbed my bag and mobile before heading downstairs and grabbing a piece of buttered toast off Taylor’s plate and bounding out the door.

After my short 10-minute walk I arrived at school, teenagers were walking by me in all directions as I pushed my way to main doors. I had to get to the computer lab, like, NOW. Finally making it into the school I expertly swerved my way through the corridors before I came face to face with the dull blue door of the computer lab. Checking to see if anyone was around I pulled a Kirby grip out my hair and pulled it apart, using the ends to unlock the door. I slipped into the dark room and softly closed the door after me as to not draw any attention.  I sat down at the computer furthest away from the door- so hiding from anyone entering the room would be easier- and logged in.  I looked up once again to check no one was coming before I swiftly pulled a small USB stick from my bag and plugged it into the computer. Instantly my USB’s data had taken over the computer presenting me with the familiar home screen of every FRINGE agent’s device. I knowledgeably found my way through all the software before reaching what I was searching for. FRINGE HQ blueprints were on view right before my eyes with every security camera and air vent marked on it-making my plan to break in even easier. Realising where I was I quickly checked my watch to find the bell would be going any second. I hurriedly pulled my USB from the computer and shut it down before placing my USB safely back inside my bag. Grabbing my stuff I made a quick dash for the door, hurrying to my first class.

Classes are so boring when you already know everything, my teacher was babbling on about some mathematic technique I had learned years ago when I was doing my computer hacking training. Of course I had to act like it was all new to me and get a few wrong as to not blow my cover. Just as I was slipping into a peaceful daydream my phone vibrated signalling a message.

*1 new message From: Tay :)

I opened to read his text:

‘Tony wants us in now. Meet me in the park down the road in 5’

Ugh great now I had to make up believable story to tell Miss devil face up there so she’ll let me leave.



“Could I be excused?  I’m starting to feel a little queasy”

“If you must”

I quickly gathered my things and rushed out the classroom. Getting out the school was easy the only part, which involved any sneaking, was getting passed the main office unnoticed. I hadn’t realised I had been walking that fast but in no time I was right next to the office door. Dropping to the floor I army crawled under the window before jumping to my feet and bolting out the doors and dwn the street.

I had just arrived at the park when I spotted Taylor and, Danny?! Danny never leaves HQ unless it’s super important, I wonder what’s wrong. Maybe it’s something to do with what Taylor and Tony have been lying to me about. I hid behind a bush close to them to listen in on their conversation.

“I..I.. don’t think I c..can do this” Taylor sobs. Why is he crying?! What’s wrong?!

“Yes you can, you are closest to her so exterminating her will be easier, she trusts you”

Exterminating?! Who are they talking about?

“I just don’t see why we have to kill her, why can’t we just kill them?”

“Because tracking James and Avery and covering up their death will be a lot harder than just killing her off”

“She’s not just another agent! You practically raised her, How could you?!”

“Imagine what would happen if Molly found out you and I both had been lying to her all these years about her parents and how they ‘died’. Taylor, I’m sorry, but killing Molly is the only way to stop them from ever finding her”

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