3) Liars

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10Years Later


“MOLLY!” I heard Taylor scream. My head whipped round to see a gun aimed in my direction. Jumping behind the couch I reloaded my own gun with expert timing. With my knees slightly bent I quickly rest my hand on the back of the couch and pulled the trigger sending a bullet through Bad Guy #1’s forehead.

Suddenly Taylor was next to me and pulled me down, I noticed a bullet hole in the wall behind me and yet another dead man lying at my feet.

I know what your thinking but I’m not an ordinary teenager, I was raised by the head of a (secret) government assassin program called FRINGE. More or less I kill people that give the government problems on a daily basis.

Taylor, my best friend, was my partner in crime so to speak. Every mission I was sent on Taylor would be assigned as well. This mission we had just completed was to ‘get rid’ of a very wealthy businessman plotting an attack on a Government executive for exposing his drug dealing business.

George Hallman, that was who was lying at my feet.

Straightening my formal jacket and trousers I handed Taylor my gun to hide in his jacket and we stepped over the dead bodies and left the hotel room hoping our disguises would help us to exit the hotel unnoticed.

We reached the lobby, a lush royal red carpet adorning its floor and golden antique picture borders framing every message board and painting. Making our way to doors I quickly scanned the room for any suspicious behaviour. None. I caught sight of the Paul’s Plumbers van across the street and crossed with Taylor in tow. We casually walked down the side of until the sliding door slammed open and Tony our mission organiser pulled us both in, slammed the door shut and banged the metal sheet separating us from the driver twice signalling to start driving.

“So?” Tony asked us.

“George Hallman and 2 of his bodyguards are dead and all files deleted” Taylor stated.

Files? What was he talking about? No one said anything to me about deleting files

“What Files?”

“Nothing too important” Tony answered reassuringly.

I think he forgets that I was actually trained in body language and he may be a professional but I could tell from the unsure smile he gave me he was lying. Why would Tony lie to me? He’d known me for, like, ever. I can’t believe him (and probably Danny) are hiding something from me! Hopefully when Tay and I get back to our safe house he’ll tell me, Tay always tells me.

I finally saw the light blue exterior of Rachel’s house, our safe house.

Tay and I were more advanced in the training program so we graduated early. Still being only teenagers, FRINGE thought using a normal safe house like the old garages and warehouses older recruits use would be too suspicious. So they assigned Rachel, an amateur recruit, to stay with us in this previously abandoned house to give the illusion that we were a family.

As the van slowed down I jumped out into the gap in the bush as always followed by Tay. We swiftly slipped in through the front door and I dashed for my room to change out of these itchy clothes and into a pair of skinnies and a comfy cardy. Once I was changed I made the short trip down the hall to Taylor’s room and knocked.

“Come in” I heard Tay’s voice muffle through the door as usual my eyes met neatest teenage boy’s room on the planet with everything stacked and put away.

“Hey Mols” Tay greeted.

“Hey Tay”

“I know that look, what are you going to ask?”

“What files was Tony talking about?”

“Just simple stuff like the executive’s address and stuff”

Tay was never a great liar. I can’t believe he is lying to me too.

“Come on! I know there is more to it”

“There isn’t Mols, ok. Just drop it”

Okay something is very wrong Tay is never like this with me. Never


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