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Molly’s POV

It’s Monday. I’m shitting myself. I’m starting a new school today. Josh’s school.

After he told me he loved me everything got really weird. I don’t remember him so I couldn’t say that I loved him as well but I could tell he was hurt that I didn’t remember. I feel extremely guilty for something I have no power over.

A sudden knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts.

“come in” I called, pushing myself up from my bed.

The door swung open and my mum poked her head in my room. “ Remember you have school today, best to start getting ready honey”

“Okay mum”  I groaned pulling the covers off my body as my mum shut the door. It still felt strange saying mum, I hadn’t said the word in 10 years and yet it naturally came to me when I saw her again. I felt strange being back in my old room. It didn’t feel like mine anymore, nothing about this house felt like home. I’ve been away so long that I feel like I don’t belong anymore, not from lack of trying from my parents though. They’ve been trying so hard it hurts.

I pulled open my curtains and for the first time I noticed Josh’s room was directly across from mine. I really need to talk to him right now. I need a friend this now. I open my window and climbed up onto the ledge. Holding onto the window frame I leant forward and grabbed a tree branch to check how sturdy it was before grabbing it and launching myself onto the branch below it.

Eventually I got to Josh’s window. Sitting on a branch I chapped the window and heard shuffling around Josh’s room before he came to the window.

There before me was a bare-chested Josh, with confusion adorning his face.

“What are you doing?!” He barked stretching out his arm to pull me in.

“I’m climbing a tree to come talk to you” I replied simply.


I was in Josh’s room, and have never felt more at home. How is this possible?

Ignoring his question I wandered to his bed and sat down on something hard. Bolting up again I looked down to find a scrapbook. Josh went to grab the book but I moved it away making it clear to him I was getting a look.

Opening the book my eyes became wide, this was a scrapbook of Josh and I.

“Josh?” I questioned his name, hoping he knew what I was asking.

“I have looked at that book everyday since the world took you away from me” he replied. He had understood my question.

The room fell into an awkward silence.

“Look Josh. I know how you feel but…” I couldn’t continue.

“but what?”

“but…I feel extremely guilty that I don’t remember you. I want to I really do, I mean I feel more at home in this room than I do in my house but I can’t lie to you but I need you. Don’t ask me why, I just do”

“Mols… you can’t honestly think I would abandon you? I haven’t lived my life the past 10 years, I plan on living it with you back at my side. Me, you and Rob, The three musketeers once again”.

I have never hugged someone as tight as I hugged Josh at that moment.  


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