8) Reunion

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Josh’s POV

Molly had visibly stiffened. I instantly became worried.  Woah wait! Did I just say I was worried?? About Molly?? I’ve just met this girl! Ugh I better snap out of this.

Acting as if her shock hadn’t affected me I casually asked her what was wrong.

“N…N…Next door??”

Isn’t that what I just told her? “Uh yeah, mum left some stuff for me to take over there. You wanna come with?”


What is with this girl?!? I hate not being able to read people! It’s like everyone else is an open book and Mollie is just little clues which make no sense. I quickly grabbed her arm and started pulling her to the James’s house.

“Woah, woah What are you doing?”

“Well you have a whole file on these guys, don’t you want to at least meet them?” I questioned. I pushed the Simmons’ door bell and herd the ring echo within in the house.

“Not re..” Her answer was caught off as Mrs Simmons opened the door.

It was obvious from the looks on both Molly and Mrs Simmons’ face that they knew each other. How was main question, but it can wait till I’m alone with Molly.


Molly’s POV

She hadn’t changed. Not much anyway, Sure there were a few extra wrinkles but nothing to noticeably different. I couldn’t bring any of my limbs to move. I just stared. Suddenly she closed the step distance between us and embraced me in a hug so intimate it felt like I’d never been gone.  Silent tears were rolling down my cheeks as I hug her back just as tight of fear I’d never see her again. She let sobs escape her throat and I could feel mine rising to freedom also. A little boy about 8 ran out the front door and grabbed hold of her waist.

“Mum? Why are you crying?” he asked, his full of worry.

Before she could answer a man about her age came rushing out the door.

“Aves! What’s wrong?” he asked.

She let go of me but placed her arm around my shoulders. My eyes met his and only a few milliseconds pasted before realisation met his eyes and I ran into his arms like I was 5 again.

“Daddy” I sobbed into his shoulders, his embraced tightening noticeably.

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