A Visitor from my Past (Prologue)

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Hey i wrote this story for English in all honesty its the first story i've written that i don't completely hate and thought i'd share it with you guys (or gals) comments and criticism are appreciated 


(Edit) This is now the prologue as i plan to continue this story further :D


Its funny to think your life can actually change in an instant. To any normal person this might be when they move house or someone close to them dies. I guess I kind of relate to that second one but my story’s slightly different. An assassin whom goes by the name Charles Brown murdered my mum and dad. This story is about the day I came face to face with the man who killed my parents.

            The squeaking of Mrs. Watt’s pen sliding along the whiteboard and my peers’ scribbling down notes filled the classroom. Just as our teacher turned to face us a knock sent everyone’s head turning to look at the door. My breath caught in my throat as the face of the man I’ve had nightmares about stepped into the room, Charles Brown. He looked straight at me and knowingly smirked at my shocked expression.

“Hello how may I help you….”? Mrs Watt asked in what seemed to me a voice full of confidence.

“Call me Charles” his voice sent my hand into a frenzy of uncontrollable shaking

“Well Charles may I ask what you are doing in my classroom?”

“Honest answer” He pulled a gun from inside his jacket and pointed it at Mrs Watt’s head “I am here to finish something I should’ve finished five years ago”

I froze; he was here to kill me.

“Hello Avery”

I couldn’t make myself speak, too much anger and fear was building up inside me to do anything.

“You are so quiet now, last time we met you made an awful racket”

“Maybe that’s because you had just killed both my parents right in front of me”

I shocked myself with those words. I didn’t mean to say it out loud. The last thing I needed was ‘him’ angry armed with a gun.

“That’s more like it”

“What do you want with Avery?!” my best friend James asked, he knew all about my parents death he was the one who helped me through the nightmares.

“You must be James, well James I take it you know who I am?”

“Yes” James spat

“Well I’m here because ten years ago I was supposed to take her after I killed her parents but Danny thought she was too young so I left her”

Charles pulled the gun away from Mrs Watt’s head and pointed it at mine.

“Why were you supposed to take me? What was I too young for?” I was so confused I thought he was just a killer I didn’t ever think there was more to it.

“I can’t exactly blab about the FRINGE project in front of your peers now can I?”


“You and James will come with me”

“What makes you think that” James barked, I’ve never seen him so angry

“Because I have the gun” Charles smirked

I surprised myself when I rose from my chair and extended my hand to James. I’m glad he caught on as a look of knowing crossed his features and his hand grasped mine. We nervously followed Charles out the room never letting go of the others hand. Parked at the front of the school was a black SUV with tinted windows. Charles opened the back door and signalled for James and I to get in.  James waited as I climbed in first. My heart was beating out my chest when I caught sight of the gun under the car mat. I couldn’t believe my own actions as I grabbed the gun and pointed it at Charles head. The few seconds that Charles’ shock lasted gave James time to snatch the gun from his hand and also pointed it at Charles’ head.

“What is FRINGE?”

“Like I am going to tell either one of you”.

 James pulled the barrel of his gun back loading the bullet.

“It’s a project designed for kids who are chosen to become Government Assassins”

“And I was chosen?” shock covered my features showing my astonishment.

“Yes, we contacted your parents five years ago when your training should have started and they refused, so I was sent to kill them and collect you in the process”

“Why me?”

“Your parents were criminals given a second chance, to become assassins and work for the government. When they married they signed an agreement with FRINGE stating that their first child was to enrol in the project as a sort of payment for helping them turn their lives around for the better”

Suddenly Charles had James pinned to the ground and had his gun pointed at James’ head. He’d evened out the odds. My parent’s killer or my best friend, I knew one was going to die but which one was the question I had no answer to. Charles would have no problem killing someone, I on the other hand would not know if I could kill Charles, sure I hated him to no end but could I really kill him?

“He knows too much now, I have to kill him.” Charles stated. Anger filled me and I jumped as the sound of a gunshot rang through the air.

            My life was never the same after that day. 

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