6) Runaway

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It had been a few days since Tay and I had decided to kill these people to save me and I’m getting more paranoid by the minute. I look at everyone in a new perspective, questioning his or her loyalty and trust.

Tay and I were currently seated in his room trying to figure out how exactly we would conduct our plan with out FRINGE’s knowing.

“Tay? What exactly do you know about these people, like names, ages etc.?”

“I don’t know anything about their identities”

“Well great, what info do we actually have on them other than their interest in me?”

“That’s it!” Tay shouted jumping from his bed.

“What? What’s it?”

“We’ll use you to figure out who they are”

I thought about this and had to admit, it was a pretty smart idea, and it was all we had on them this now. Might as well use what we know to our advantage.

“Hmm smart, very smart. But how do we do this?”

“Simple, we go somewhere, a place not too busy but public, and be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour”

“I suppose, what’s the harm in giving it a try”

“Great, we’ll go to the park tomorrow. Wait here I gotta go use the loo”

“Okay I’ll probably hit the hay now anyway”

The thought of sleep suddenly made me tired and a yawn escaped my mouth.

Tay let out a chuckle, before heading to the bathroom. I fell back on Tay’s bed and noticed a crumpling sound when I hit the pillow. Rising from the bed I moved the pillow to find a brown paper envelope - A brown FRINGE paper envelope.

Checking Tay hadn’t suddenly appeared back from the bathroom I flipped it open to show the profile a woman, early thirties with long wavy brown hair and big brown eyes. I flipped her profile over to uncover the profile a man, also in his early thirties but with short black hair green eyes. Flipping his profile over I found a short paragraph of information:

Dear Taylor,

In-closed are the profiles of the James & Avery Simmons, they people with an interest in Molly. As Molly is your partner I think it would do well not to tell her of this intelligence as this deals with her personally. Tomorrow when I meet you at the park make sure Molly can hear us but think that her presence is unknown. There we will discuss Molly’s death, being close to her means you can pretend to be unwilling to the plan and try to help hunt these two with her. Of course don’t let Molly hunt down James & Avery Simmons, instead I want her to track a false enemy- Craig Downing, Chief of Weapons Advisory, FRINGE- and from there you and Craig will both exterminate her.

Yours Sincerely,

     Daniel Fawn, CEO of FRINGE Agency.

WHAT THE FUDGE?! This was just a scheme to make me think Taylor hadn’t betrayed me?! I couldn’t believe it, Tay-My Tay, was going to kill me. I can’t believe he would choose FRINGE over me, I most definitely would choose him over FRINGE.

Realisation hitting me I sped to my room, profiles in hand, and started packing my bag. No way was I staying here knowing everyone was out to get me.  I froze as I heard the unmistakable sound of our toilet flushing. I quickly shoved the bag under my bed with the profiles inside it. I pulled off my zipper and jeans and pulled on a pair of night shorts as I heard Tay’s footsteps nearing my door. My door flew open just as I pulled my covers over myself.

“Mols? … Molly? … You awake?”

I stayed silent, hoping he would just believe I was sleeping and leave me.

“Night Mols”

My door clicked shut and I waited till I heard Tay’s footsteps come to a halt before slowly pushing the covers off my body and pulling my rucksack from below my bed. I shoved my GPS and mobile into the side zip compartment and pulled my jeans and zipper back on. Going under my bed again I pulled out my tool belt and silently attached it to my hip before putting my rucksack on and making my way for the bedroom window. Slowly sliding the window up I climbed through and caught hold of the drainpipe outside my window and shimmying down. I landed on the grass with a soft thud and decided to leave through the back gate so Tay wouldn’t see through his bedroom window.  Realising there was no way across the garden but through the centre in plain sight I made a dash for it cringing at the noise my rucksack and tool belt were making. Finally making to the gate I slipped through and checked the house for any disturbances. Noticing none I continued a little further into the woodland that lay beyond the housing estate.

I felt like I had been walking for ages when it had only been about 20 minutes when I reached a busy looking road. Realising my tool belt would be a bit suspicious looking I hid behind a tree and removed it, putting it in my rucksack to make it look lie I was any old hitchhiker.  Returning to the side of the road I stuck my arm out-signalling that I needed a ride- and almost instantly a black 4x4 jeep pulled up. The window rolled down to reveal 2 boys about age. The boy behind the wheel turned to me.

“Where you heading?”

Wow great thinking Molly, you didn’t even plan out where you were gonna go.

“Don’t really know anywhere but here I guess”

“Well hop in”

Thanking them I climbed into the back of jeep and heaving my bag onto the seat next to me.

“What’s your name?” asked the boy driving.

“Molly, yours?”

“I’m Rob and this is…”

Josh turned in his seat to shake my hand, politely I grabbed his hand and a shock of electricity shot up my arm.

“Hi, I’m Josh”


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