7)Confusing truth (pt1)

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The silence in the car was becoming more awkward by the second. Squirming in my seat, I decided I’d have to be the one to break it.

“So where you guys heading?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Home, we live in this small town called Meadow Falls,” answered Josh.

Meadow Falls sounded familiar to me but I couldn’t quite remember why.

“Is there a motel in Meadow Falls, I’ve just realised I have no place to stay” I admitted rather embarrassed I had runaway without no such idea as to where I would go.

“There is but you could always stay with me,” answered Josh “…and before you ask, no you wouldn’t imposing. It’ll be fine with my mum”

“…Am I that predictable?” I asked shocked that Josh knew what I would ask before I had even opened my mouth.

“Yes. Sorry Hun” Rob replied jokingly.

“Well thank you Josh, for saving me the hassle of booking a motel” I thanked, grateful I wouldn’t need to put on a fake act and sign in under a different name, I’m far too tired to do anything sneaky this now.

“No problemo”

Not long after the car pulled up outside a house very similar to my old base. Josh grabbed his duffle, which I hadn’t noticed he had till he had grabbed it. Taking it as my cue to get out also I grabbed my rucksack and followed Josh to the front door, giving my thanks to Rob.

Josh signalled at me to stay quiet as he looked through his keys. Finally finding the one to open the door he pushed it open, the only being that of the door as it squeaked. Grabbing my hand he dragged me in also and silently closed the door behind him, tugging me up the stairs he pulled me into- what I guessed to be- his room. The typical boy colour-blue- adorned the walls along with posters of guitars.

“Is it okay if you sleep on the floor in here, we don’t have a guest room but you can get changed in my bathroom” Josh asked, kicking his duffle under the bed.

“Yeah it’s fine,” I added. Picking up my rucksack and heading for what I hoped was the bathroom door. Of course- knowing my luck- it wasn’t the bathroom but was instead Josh’s closet.

“uhh” I muttered stupidly as I heard Josh snicker a laugh behind me. Closing the door I turned look for another door, which eventually found wedged in a small alcove by the door.

“Please tell me this one is a bathroom,” I pleaded, not wanting to have another encounter with a bunch of clothes and coat hangers.

“Yes, it is” Josh snickered, again!

I entered the bathroom and set my rucksack on the counter, yanking it open and searching for a pair of suitable pyjamas.

Brilliant! I am such an epic fail of a runaway. I didn’t even pack proper pyjamas! All I had was one pair of baggy shorts. This is going to be so embarrassing!

Creaking the door open slightly, I whisper called for Josh.

“Josh? Josh!”

“Yea?” I heard distantly.

“Umm, d…d…d’you have a t-shirt I could sleep in? I kinda only brought bottoms”

“Uhh, yeah sure have this one” he replied, pulling out a rolling stone t-shirt from a drawer and handing it to me.

“Thanks” I answered, once again closing the bathroom door and pulling off my clothes to replace them with my baggy shorts and Josh’s t-shirt, which may have fitted him, but was definitely two sizes too big for me. I repacked everything I had pulled out in the process of searching for pyjamas. As I came across the FRINGE file I decided to take another look, positive that this would be one of the very few times I would have in private.

I sat on the closed toilet seat and opened the file the letter Danny sent to Taylor betraying me once again met my eyes. Not letting the tears escape my eyes I turned it over to once again reveal the profiles.

Name: Avery Simmons

Age: 30

Stationed: Meadow Falls

Occupation: Stay at home Wife/Mother


Name: James Simmons

Age: 30

Stationed: Meadow Falls

Occupation: Scientist


They looked like such a normal couple I found it hard to believe they were the ones tracking me, seeking me out. When I noticed ‘mother’ written on the woman’s profile I searched for any sign of a child. There! They had a son named Jake, aged 8 and another child currently filed under missing named…


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