Part Eleven

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                Shawna seemed to have a gift of making time go by quickly.

                I had only known her for just over three months but they felt like forever. But in a good way, you know?

                We hung out a lot, whenever we got the chance. After school, on the weekends, at lunchtime... sometimes alone, sometimes with Ryder or Allison, sometimes we'd only talk on the phone. But however it was, it was good. I learned more about Shawna than I probably knew about any other person in the world.

                For example: She liked gummy bears, but only the red and yellow ones. Her favorite movie of all time was 127 Hours, because the guy cuts off his arm, and well... James Franco. On that note, she also isn't afraid to talk about how attractive celebrity men were... in public... to literally anyone... including an old lady at the mall. She loved her siblings more than anything. When she got sad, she liked to eat Dorito's and chicken nuggets (not necessarily at the same time) and watch crappy sitcoms. And she was crazy good at basketball (still a little amazed about that, to be honest).

                And that was only a little bit of what I'd learned, and there was so much more to know. I found out something knew about her every day. It was interesting and I looked forward to finding out more and more.

                I felt like I was opening up more to her too. I was telling her things that I'd never told anyone before... and it felt good. It was nice having a friend who actually listened, rather than one who only pretended to care. Every day, we got a little closer, and Shawna was proving to be the best friend I ever had.

                Or maybe the only real friend I ever truly had.

                "Can I meet your parents?"

                "What?"  I glanced over at her as we made our way through the local mall. Shawna had needed to buy a new card for her camera or something, but we ended up having to stop at a couple shoe stores along the way.

                Don't ask me why she always needed new shoes even though she didn't even walk. I didn't get it. But I hadn't been able to hang out with her for the past few days, so if this was the only time we had to hang out, so be it.

                "I want to meet your mom and dad," she told me simply, looking at the mannequins in the window of the store we passed.

                I felt heat rising up my neck, "Uh, why?"

                "Why not? You met mine," she shrugged.

                "B-but, it's not like... like you're my girlfriend or something," I forced out a laugh. Shawna frowned and turned to look at me. I tried to move my head, but I wasn't fast enough.

                I could hear the grin in her voice, "Are you blushing, Mark?"


                "You are."

                "It's warm in here."

                "Uh huh..." she chuckled, turning around one of the corners of the mall and I followed. "Besides, I don't have to be your girlfriend to meet your parents. Like I said, you met mine."

                "It's different," I shook my head, "My mom... she... I've only..."

                "You've only ever brought girlfriends home?" she guessed.

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