Ending Author's Note

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Firstly, all the glory goes to God for giving me the words to finish this story and for being my inspiration for everything! Thank you, Lord :) 

Now to YOU, my wonderful friends:

Dearest readers, Thank you SO SO SO SO (X1000) much for all your support with this story! It would not have been written had it not been for you! All your votes, all your comments, and just every bit of support has been the motivation behind Shawna and Mark's story.

Originally, this story was supposed to be about half the length that it is now, and it was supposed to go down a COMPLETELY different path... but I fell in love with the characters and I think you guys did, too.

Extra thank you to all the people I've talked to since writing this who have felt a special connection to Shawna, since they're in a wheelchair as well. It means a lot to me that you would open up to me about what it's like, and I hope that Shawna's story inspires you (and everybody!) to not let anything hold you back from your full potential.

**So that's a big shoutout to Bri (@BLEGGET13) , and @lovefanfic936 , and @accessys !! You are awesome!**

Also, I've been considering doing a one-shot contest (or whatever you call it?). I don't know, what do you guys think? I'd really love to read what you guys write! Would anyone be interested in writing up their own scene between Shawna and Marky boy?

(Also if anyone has hosted a one-shot competition, or been a part of one, and would like to give me some more details on what it's all about... please message me!)

Thank you again. You all really mean a lot to me! I know that you are all going to be beautiful butterflies one day.


(((Shameless Plug: If you like my writing style and want to see more, please check out my stories!)))

Thanks again!!

 I also just wanted to add a big T H A N K   Y O U because 'Wheelchair Accessible' is #1 in the Be Yourself tag... which I think is just suuuper cute. i appreciate you all. a lot. 

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