Part Seven

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Shawna: Markus Richard Harris the Third answer ur dang phone.

                Shawna: I'm literally going to kill u

                Shawna: Please tell me those guys weren't talking about u

                Shawna: If u don't reply, I'm assuming I'm rite.

                Shawna: ...I'm rite, aren't i?

                Shawna: I'm considering withholding my friendship until u reply to me

                Shawna: Prepared to be punched in the face next time I see u.

                Mark: pls don't punch me in the face.

                Shawna: HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Shawna: But not for long because I'm going to murder u.

                Mark: sorry.

                Shawna: Where are u? I'm coming with my chainsaw.

                Mark: that's brutal.

                Shawna: Srsly. What happened?

                Mark: do you want to meet at The Bean today?

                Shawna: What time?

                Mark: lunch?

                Shawna: Deal. Meet u there with three vats of poison.

                Shawna: And a plastic fork.

                Shawna: Do u mind bringing the garbage bags and the Lysol? I'm all out.

                Mark: goodbye.

                Shawna: .......

                Shawna: Is that a yes?


                I walked into The Bean, one of the popular café's in town, and sat down at one of the booths. It was a cozy atmosphere, and I had always enjoyed coming here when I came with my friends from school.

Geez, that seemed like a lifetime ago.

After a few minutes of sitting there, I suddenly realized there was a table on the opposite side of the restaurant with chairs instead of benches and quickly moved over there. The waitresses stared at me as I moved across the whole room and plopped myself into a different chair, sticking my face in my menu. I figured this would be a better spot for Shawna's chair to fit... I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. And like, make sure her big old chair was out of the way.

Another few minutes went by, and I was worried Shawna wasn't going to come, or that somebody from school would recognize me, but then I heard the jingle of the door opening and glanced over my shoulder to see an older gentleman holding the door open for the teenager in a wheelchair.

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