Part Ten

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                "And don't forget to invite your family to the end of the season game," Coach reminded us, looking around the group. When we'd all nodded, he jerked his thumb over his shoulder, "Hit the showers."

                The team automatically dispersed, most people too tired after practice to talk or goof around. I hung around though, because the locker room was a dangerous place for me to be most of the time. Moving to the sidelines I grabbed my cell phone out of my duffel bag and checked my unread messages, a smile splitting my face when I realized who they were from.

                Shawna: Hey loser. Wut are u doing?

                Shawna: I'm booooooooored.

                Shawna: Do u want to do something?

                Shawna: I haven't seen u for like 2 weeks and I kinda forget what ur ugly mug looks like.

                I feel like I should've been insulted, but it was Shawna... and I kind of just got used to it. Eventually I had figured out that this was her way of showing affection. So if you think about it, it was kind of cute.

                Mark: well I guess.

                Mark: only because you miss me so much ;)

                Shawna: Markus are u flirting again?

                Mark: the winky face was unintentional. it was supposed to be a smile

                Shawna: Suuuuuure it was ;)

                Shawna: But u were still flirting ;)

                Mark: believe what you wanna

                Mark: and stop winking at me. it's creepy.

                Shawna: ;)


                I almost dropped my phone in surprise as the coach walked over to me, raising an eyebrow. "You're not showering?"

                I glanced at the door to the locker room, "No I'll just shower at home."

                Coach gave me a sort of look over, "Are you having problems?"

                "With showering?" I asked, feeling a little embarrassed. "No! I mean like I can shower... myself...if that's what you're thinking..." I trailed off as I saw his expression, "...which you're obviously not."

                "I meant a different kind of problem."

                "Right. Uh, no. No... no problems," I assured him.

                Unless you count being threatened and punched as a problem.

                It seemed clear that he didn't believe me, but he didn't push it. "Alright. You have family coming to the game?"

                I shrugged, "I don't know yet."

                He nodded, not being a man of many words... or feelings, "Well, see you next practice."

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