Part Nine

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"You don't need to look so nervous."

"I'm not nervous."

"You look a little nervous."

"I'm not nervous."

"Why are you sweating so much then?"

"I'm not—it's natural sweat, okay?"

"You're cute."

"Shut up."

Shawna had somehow convinced me that it would be a good idea to come to her house after school on Monday, so we met up in the park and I awkwardly picked her up (literally) and put her in my truck, throwing her chair in the back.

We reached her house after ten minutes of her relentless teasing about my so-called nerves.

(Okay, I was a little nervous... but whatever.)

I got out of the truck and grabbed her chair and placed it on the sidewalk. Next I opened the passenger door and reached in, carefully grabbing her bridal style out of the truck.

"You know," she told me, as I kicked the door shut once she was out, "You might as well just carry me to the door."

"Yeah, that'll look good with your Dad," I rolled my eyes, lowering her carefully into her chair.

"Aw!" she cooed, grabbing her wheels and moving towards the front door, "Is that what you're worried about? My Dad not liking you?"

"No," I muttered, "I just don't want him to beat me up."

Shawna laughed, and rolled up the small ramp that led up the step to their house, "You don't need to worry about that."

She opened the door and rolled in, calling out to her family that she was home. There was no immediate reply, but you could hear people talking in other rooms.

I swallowed nervously, shuffling my feet a little.

Okay, so I was nervous to meet Shawna's family... who wouldn't be? I know there's no pressure of like, being the boyfriend or whatever, but still. I wanted them to like me because well... Shawna was my only friend and I kind of wanted my only friend's parents to like me. Is that so weird?

"I brought Mark over," she called again, rolling into the hallway. I followed after her, stuffing my hands in my pockets because I didn't really know what to do with them.

We continued into the kitchen where two voices were clearly heard, and they turned as we entered. I hung back a bit at the doorway, feeling like an intruder as Shawna greeted her parents with a smile.

Shawna looked a lot like her mom. That was the first thing I noticed. They were both petite with stunningly blue eyes, although her mom's hair was shorter and blonde. She also wore glasses and professional looking attire, including a pencil skirt and blouse. She smiled, showing her perfectly white teeth as she saw us.

"Hey guys," she grinned, her voice coming out lower than I had expected.

Not manly though. I mean she still sounds like a woman, just a low voice. That's it. Oh man... she better not be able to read minds. What if she can read my mind? She'll know. Okay, she probably can't read minds. Ah crud. I'm still sweating...

"Hey," Shawna replied, then waving her arm, snapping me out of my strange thoughts, "Mom this is Mark, the guy I told you about."

"The one you ran over?" her Dad questioned.

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