Part Six

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Chapter Six:

I'm sure you know by now that I wasn't the most well-liked person at school. In fact, I was easily one of the least liked people. And I don't think I need to point out the fact that school was like torture for me, every day was a constant wait for the final bell to ring so that I could get out of there.

Monday started off like any other typical day... it sucked. And I was looking forward to getting out of this place, like any other day, but even more so than usual.

After Ryder and I's intense basketball game on Saturday (which I lost of course), I treated Ryder and Shawna to slushie's at one of the gas stations close by. Shawna and Ryder got along famously, and I think Ryder had developed a little crush on her by the end of the afternoon. Shawna had seemed to realize that I wasn't going to fight against her anymore, and she seemed to be pretty happy about it.

I actually had a good time. With someone my own age.

(Okay, well... Shawna was still seventeen, but her birthday was coming up so she's pretty much the same age. 'I'm pretty much and adult' she told me.)

I was supposed to meet Shawna at one of the local café's (her idea) after school to... I don't know... hang out, I guess. But that all left my mind the moment I walked out the school doors to find Will and his buddies from the football team outside waiting for me.

Now I don't want to get into all the lovely details, but basically... they beat me up. Will thought I was being a 'hot shot' the other day and needed to be 'knocked down a notch', the other guys did what he said... and now I'm sporting a black eye, fat lip, and a couple other bruises.

It wasn't a big deal or anything, I had been in plenty of fights before, and nobody got caught... it was just annoying. I hated that these guys couldn't just leave me alone. And it didn't matter if I got a few good swings in at them, they always outnumbered me and took me down.

It sucked.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I leaned against one of the fences next to the school, wiping the blood off my lip, and covering my bad eye so that I could see the screen of my phone.

Shawna: We're still meeting at The Bean, rite? Are u just running late?

Shawna: Don't stand me up Mark. I'll be crushed.

Shawna: Not that I'm desperate or anything.

Shawna: People just might think I'm a loser if I'm sitting here by myself all nite.

I sighed, all I wanted to do was go home and ice my face, but I didn't want to just ditch Shawna. But then again, I had only known her for a week so how 'crushed' could she actually be?

Deciding it was best to warn her I wasn't coming, I texted her back.

Mark: something came up. not coming.

Mark: srry.

Shawna: Whaaaaaaaaat? :0

Shawna: What happened?

Shawna: I bought u a donut!!!!

Mark: can I get a raincheck?

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