"A White Wedding"

          I was so nervous. I watched as Amber messed with my hair. I didn’t care. Right now my focus was on not throwing up. I twisted my hands in my lap and bit my lips again. They were gonna be completely torn up by the time this day was over.

            “Stop,” Sid said with a laugh as she touched my face.

            “Why,” I asked as I stopped for a minute.

            “You’re messing up your make-up,” she said.

            “I don’t care. I feel like I’m coming out of my skin,” I said with a sigh.

            “This is supposed to be a happy day. You shouldn’t be fretting,” Amber said.

            “I know but I can’t help it. In less than two hours I’m going to be Mrs. Aidan Riley,” I said. Then I couldn’t help to smile with it.

            “Exactly! He’s the love of your life and the father of your adorable son,” she said with a grin.

            “I know. I just can’t believe that this day is finally here,” I said as I looked over at me six month old son. I had gotten him dressed in his suit and now he was laying in his play-pen. He looked so much like his father that it made my heart melt. Today he was his dad’s best man.

            “Me either. It’s so perfect,” Emma said smiling. She and my brother were still together and going strong. Today she was one of my bridesmaids.

            “I never thought that I would be the girl to marry her high school sweetheart,” I said with a sigh.

            “Well you are. You guys make the cutest little family,” Sid said.

            “Two of them look like twins,” I said as my son started crying.

            “I’ll bring him to you,” Emma said as she ran over to pick him up. He was still crying when she placed him in my arms.

            I looked down at his rounded face. He was a little chunky and he had a head full of black hair. When he looked up at me I saw his father’s bright blue eyes staring up at me surrounded by long dark lashes. As soon as he saw my face he stopped crying and smiled at me. As much as he looked like Aidan he was a mama’s boy to the core.

            “Hey sweet man,” I said as I kissed his cheeks. He just giggled at me.

            “I swear that Aidan cloned himself,” Amber said with a laugh.

            “Sometimes I think you’re right. Xavier doesn’t have any of my features,” I said as I ran my hand over his soft hair.

            “No but he sure loves you,” Sid said as she started to help Amber with my hair.

            “Don’t I know it,” I said happily.

            “Are you decent,” I heard through the door.

            “Yes Mrs. Riley,” I called back.

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