"A Fist Fight"

            When I woke up this morning I never thought that I would now be breaking up a fight. Or at least trying to. I didn’t really seem to be making much progress. As I pulled on Aidan’s arm he just shrugged me off and continued with his assault on his opponents face.

            Maybe instead of confusing you I should go back to this morning. It started out as an average day.

            I woke up next to Aidan with a smile on my face. It grew even bigger when I looked over and saw the small ‘K’ in the corner. I gently kissed it and he stirred but didn’t get up. I slowly made my way out of the bed and headed downwards. The first person I saw when I walked into the kitchen was my Dad.

            “Good morning,” he said with a smile.

            “Morning,” I said back cheerfully.

            “What did you guys do last night,” he asked as he sat at the table.

            “Just went down to the boardwalk,” I said.

            “And did what,” he asked as he looked up at my curiously.

            “Don’t be mad,” I begged.

            “What did you do,” he asked with a sig.

            “We all got a tattoo,” I said quietly.

            “That’s not so bad,” he said with a shrug as he went back to his paper.

            “That’s it,” I asked surprised.

            “You’re and adult now Kayla. What you do with your body is your decision,” he said as he looked up at me.

            “I never knew you were so cool,” I said as I leaned down to hug him.

            “I didn’t use to be,” he said with another sigh as he hugged me back.

            “What’s going on,” Hunter asked when he walked in.

            “I was just telling Dad how I got a tattoo,” I said emphasizing the I.

            “Oh,” he said nodding in understanding.

            “What did you do while the older kids were getting tattoos,” Dad asked him.

            “Failing miserably at trying to flirt with Emma,” he told us with a small shake of his head.

            “It’ll work out son,” Dad said after a second.

            “I really hope so because this is getting ridiculous,” he said with his head in the refrigerator.

            “She likes you,” I told him.

            “Really,” he asked as he quickly turned towards me.

            “Yeah,” I said nodding.

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