"Baby Time"

             “Aidan,” I called out.

            “Yeah,” he said without looking up from his book.

            “We need to go to the hospital,” I said as I started to freak out a little.

            “Why,” he asked when he looked up.

            “My water just broke,” I squeaked out.

            “What,” he yelled as he jumped up.

            “Get the bag,” I said.

            “Got the bag,” he said as he grabbed it from the floor.

            “Keys,” I said.

            “Got the keys,” he said as he frantically looked around.

            “Now help me up,” I said as I held a hand out. He helped me up and walked me to the car. He helped me in before climbing in himself. I was starting to feel the pain.

            “Are you ok,” he asked as he backed out.

            “It hurts,” I whimpered.

            “I’m calling my mom,” he said as he pulled his phone out. I just took deep breaths as he talked to her.

            “Is she coming,” I asked.

            “She’s calling everyone else and they’re on they’re way,” he told me as he squeezed my hand.

            “Good,” I said. Then I let out a groan of pain.

            “Oh my god! What’s wrong,” he asked.

            “It just hurts really bad,” I said.

            “We’re almost there,” he said. A few minutes later he pulled into the emergency lane and jumped out. He quickly rounded the car and helped me out. He helped me all the way into the hospital.

            “Is she in labor,” a nurse asked as she ran up to us.

            “Yes. Her water broke,” Aidan said in a completely freaked out voice.

            “Get me a wheelchair,” she called out. They finally brought her one and they helped me into it.

            “On a scale of one to ten how bad does it hurt,” she asked.

            “Nine,” I told her.

            “Is this your first child,” she asked.


            “How long have you been having pains,” she asked me as she brought me into a room.

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