Chapter 7

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Aidan’s POV:

            I was lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. I didn’t want to admit it but I was crying. I had been crying for three days. Ever since Kayla told me it was over. I can’t believe how stupid I was!

            I mean what the hell was going through my head?! I fell right into Dustin’s trap. I gave him exactly what he wanted. I hadn’t seen Kayla since that day. She stayed in her room. I saw her friends go in and out of there sometimes but I never saw her come out.

            Hunter kept giving me dirty looks. Dustin kept smirking at me and everyone else gave me pitying looks. They made me sick. I didn’t want the pity. I just wanted Kayla back. I heard a knock at the door and opened my eyes.

            “Hey dude,” Josh said.

            “Hey,” I said back quietly.

            “You doing any better today,” he asked.

            “No. I think I might be worse,” I told him truthfully.

            “I hate to say it but it’s your fault dude. I just came back from seeing Kayla and I feel no sympathy for you,” he said shaking his head as he sat down.

            “Is she bad,” I asked.

            “She is…..destroyed,” he said after a minute.

            “I feel like such a dick,” I told him.

            “You are a dick.”

            “Thanks man. I’m feeling the love,” I said as I sat up.

            “I can’t help it man. That girl was the best thing that ever happened to you,” he told me with a disapproving look.

            “I know that,” I said feeling like I was gonna cry again

            “You gonna get her back,” he asked after a minute.

            “I don’t know how. Is she even gonna take me back,” I asked.

            “You have to try,” he said shrugging.

            “I’m definitely gonna try. I’ve hated these last three days. I need her,” I said as my voice broke.

            “She needs you too,” he told me quietly.

            “Can you get everyone out of her room so that I can go talk to her,” I begged him.

            “Yeah,” he said with a sigh. Then he stood up and walked out the door. About ten minutes later he stuck his head back in my door and nodded at me. I slowly got up and walked out of my room. I hurried down to Kayla’s room and walked in without knocking.

            She was lying in her bed with the covers pulled up over her. I almost didn’t want to disturb her. The TV was on some chick flick and there were candy wrappers all over the floor. After a minute she moved and then she sat up. When she saw me her eyes widened in surprised.

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