"The Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives"

Aidan’s POV:

            Something was wrong. Kayla had been basically ignoring me for a week. She would barely talk to me or even look at me. I was really starting to get scared. I didn’t even know what I did.

            Just then she walked passed me without even glancing up. She had Mary on her hip and she was heading towards the kitchen. Without thinking I just followed behind her silently. She was fixing Mary a bottle.

            “Hey,” I said quietly.

            “Hi,” she said back without looking up at me.

            “What’s wrong with you,” I asked her.

            “Nothing,” she said back quietly.

            “Something is. You haven’t talked to me in a week,” I said frustrated.

            “I’ve just been quiet,” she said with a shrug as she started feeding the baby.

            “That’s bull crap,” I said.

            “It’s not,” was all she said.

            “Did I do something wrong,” I begged as I walked over to her. When I reached out to touch her she jerked back.

            “No,” she said as she walked away.

            “Kayla you’re scaring me,” I told her quietly.

            “I’m fine. I’m just moody,” she said as she sat down.

            “This is not just moodiness. Something is wrong,” I told her.

            “It’s not,” she said without looking up at me. Without thinking I punched the wall as hard as I could. I left a big hole in it and Kayla jumped.

            “Fine,” I said as I walked out of the room. She never made a move to stop me.

            “What happened,” my mother asked as she ran up to me.

            “I just put my hand through the wall,” I said as I looked down at my throbbing hand.

            “Why,” she asked surprised.

            “Because Kayla won’t look at me or even talk to me,” I said sadly.

            “She’s just still hurt,” she said with a sigh.

            “You know about this,” I asked her wide eyed.

            “Yeah,” she said nodding.

            “What did I do,” I begged of her.

            “You offered marriage because of the baby,” she said.   

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