"A Huge Surprise"

              I felt someone shaking me and stirred a little bit. I just wanted to curl back into sleep. They started to shake me harder and I finally sat up. The doctor and Amber were standing over me with worried looks on their faces.

            “What happened,” I asked.

            “You passed out after the doctor told you the news,” Amber said.

            “Oh my god,” I mumbled when it all came back to me. I’m pregnant.

            “It’ll be ok. You have to calm down though,” Amber said as she wrapped her arm around me.

            “How will this ever be ok,” I mumbled as I put my head in my hands.

            “There are options,” the doctor said.

            “Like what,” I asked as I looked up at her.

            “Well there’s always abortion,” she told me with a frown on her face.

            “No. I don’t believe in abortion,” I told her fiercely.

            “Good. I have to tell you that but I hate abortion,” she said looking relieved. “There’s also adoption.”

            “I don’t know. I guess I have to talk to Aidan first,” I said as I looked up at Amber. She just nodded at me.

            “Aidan is the father,” the doctor asked.


            “I would like for you to bring him in tomorrow so that we can discuss things,” she told me gently.

            “Ok,” I said quietly. “How is he gonna take this?”

            “Aidan is a good man. You know he’ll be with you through this,” Amber assured.

            “You don’t think he’ll hate me for it,” I said as I started to cry.

            “God no! That man couldn’t hate you if he tried. This isn’t your fault,” she exclaimed.

            “I just hope he feels the same way,” I told her.

            “He will.”

            “You guys should go home. Just make sure you come back with the father tomorrow,” the doctor told me with a smile.

            “Ok. Thank you,” I told her as I stood up and moved to the door.

            “You’re welcome sweetheart,” she said as we walked out the door. Me and Amber walked to the car in silence. We got into the car and she pulled out still without saying anything.

            “Can you believe there’s a baby in here,” I asked as I put my hand on my stomach.

            “Not really,” Amber said laughing a little.

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