"Family Planning"

Aidan’s POV:

            We were sitting at the doctors’ office waiting to be taken back. Kayla looked serene but I was freaking out on the inside. I was going to be a father! I know I tried to be confident while talking to Kayla but I was scared.

            I didn’t know how we were gonna handle this. I mean I love Kayla and it amazed me that we made a baby. It was a part of both of us. It would be mine to keep forever. I looked back over at Kayla and saw that she was looking through a magazine.

            “Kayla O’Neil,” someone called out. I jumped up and helped Kayla up before going through the door. They took us in a little room and I helped Kayla up on the bed.

            “You ok,” I asked her as I sat in the chair beside her.

            “Yeah. Just nervous,” she said as she bit her nails.

            “It’ll be ok,” I told her as I interlocked our fingers.

            “As long as you’re here I really believe that,” she said smiling at me.

            “We’ll be ok,” I told her as I squeezed her hand.

            “I know,” she said as she rubbed a hand over her barely there bump.

            “Hey again Kayla,” a pretty woman said when she walked in.

            “Hi Dr. Walker,” Kayla said with a smile.

            “Is this the father,” she asked looking at me.

            “Yes. I’m Aidan,” I said as I held out a hand to her. She quickly shook it before sitting down.

            “So how are you holding up,” the woman asked.

            “Pretty good. I’m still really nauseous a lot of the time though,” Kayla said.

            “You have to expect that. A lot of women go through morning sickness through the first trimester. And just because it’s called morning sickness doesn’t mean it just happens in the morning,” she said with a smile.

            “What can we do to stop it,” I asked her.

            “You can’t stop it but you can slow it down. Drink ginger ale and eat saltine crackers.”

            “Ok,” I said nodding. I pulled my phone out and typed it on to my to do list.

            “Have you been looking at parenting books,” she asked us.

            “No. We were planning on going to the book store right after this,” Kayla told her.

            “Good. Now who is your support system,” she asked us.

            “We have my dad and his parents plus all of our friends and my brother,” Kayla said.

            “Very good. So you told your parent,” she asked us.

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