I walked down the stairs and saw my friends all standing around waiting for me. I smiled at everyone before grabbing my shoes and sliding them on.

            “So what are we doing,” Patrick asked.

            “Just going down to the board walk,” I said as I sent a sneaky look towards Aidan.

            “Sure we are,” Amber said with a smirk. She always knew when I was up to something.

            “We are,” I said with a wink as I walked out the door.

            “Are we just walking or are we taking our cars,” Hunter asked.

            “Walking,” I said as I took Aidan’s hand in mine and started towards it.

            “This is gonna be fun,” Emma said with a shy smile. She had started to come out of her shell a little bit.

            “It always is,” Sid said as she jumped on Adam’s back.

            “So what are we really doing,” Amber asked me.

            “Getting tattoos,” I said with a big smile.

            “Awesome,” she yelled.

            “Who all is getting one,” Josh asked.

            “Me and Aidan for sure,” I said.

            “Me to,” Amber said.

            “I’m up for it,” Patrick said.

            “Me to,” Adam said. 

            “I’ve wanted one for a while,” Sid said.

            “I want one but I’m not old enough,” Hunter said sadly.

            “I can sign the slip for you,” I told him.

            “You’re the best,” he said smiling big.

            “I know,” I said smugly.

            “I want one for sure,” Dustin said as he smiled over at me. I felt Aidan’s arm tighten around me and he pulled me closer. When I looked up I saw that he was glaring over at Dustin.

            “Great,” I said. “What about you Josh?”

            “I’m down,” he said nodding.

            “Emma,” I asked.

            “No,” she said shaking her head.

            “It’ll be fun! It’ll remind you of this trip,” I told her.

            “It’ll hurt,” she told me bluntly.

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