"Date Night"

            When we all pulled up to the bored walk we made our way to the theatre. When I saw what was playing I let out a happy squeal.

            “I knew she was gonna do that,” Hunter said laughing.

            “Why,” Aidan asked.

            “I love Casablanca,” I said dreamily.

            “The ultimate romance,” Amber said nodding.

            “I’m so excited,” I said as I hugged myself to Aidan. I looked over and saw the girl that was supposed to be with Josh watching Aidan. I was about ready to whop her ass.

            “Good,” Aidan said as he leaned down and kissed me. I smiled up at him before looking back at the girl. This time she was glaring at me.

            “Do you have a problem,” I asked her sweetly.

            “No,” she said replacing her glare with a fake smile.

            “Good. Then let’s go,” I said as I took Aidan’s hand. He got us the tickets and we walked into the huge theatre. We took our seats at the top and I snuggled into Aidan’s side.

            “This was a great idea,” Aidan whispered to me.

            “I know. We needed a night like this,” I said with a sigh.

            “We really did.”

            “Have you noticed the way Josh’s date has been eye raping you,” I asked him after a minute.

            “Yeah,” he said frowning. “She’s making me uncomfortable.”

            “I’m about to whop her ass if she glares at me one more time,” I said honestly.

            “Don’t. We don’t need any drama tonight. We’ll deal with her for the rest for the night and you won’t ever have to see her again.”

            “You better be right. If she touches you though then it’s on,” I told him as I looked up at him.”

            “And I thought I was the only one who got jealous,” he said with a small smile.

            “I don’t really. I just get upset when people look at us like ‘what’s someone as good looking as him doing with someone as plain as her’,” I said back as I looked at my lap.

            “Who gives a shit what they think? I love you and I think you’re one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life,” he said as he grabbed my face and turned it towards him.

            “Really,” I asked shyly.

            “Absolutely. Kayla your amazing and I wish you had more confidence in yourself,” he said as he shook his head.

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